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2015 Illinois Marathon: Recap in photos

The Illinois Marathon took place this past weekend, which is a huge event for Champaign-Urbana. The big bummer this year was the rain, but there was plenty to celebrate despite the poor weather. Thousands of people showed up, geared up, with smiles on their faces and ran hard. Enjoy the photographs that Scott Wells and I took throughout. 


5K race

Below, “the voice” of the race.

Below, the start of the 5K from inside the corral.

Below, the 5K start.

Below, the tuba section of the Illini band running.

Below, music for the runners and crowd.

Below, Wolfgane Haken, 86, of Champaign finishing the 5K at 1:14:12 and a pace of 23:51/mile.

Below, the 5K winner, Michael Frinter of Champaign with a time of 16:18 and a pace of 5:14/mile.

There were some characters running the race. Check out our gallery below to see more.

Below, a couple got engaged!

[gallery 5k_gallery]

Marathon day

Below, Abe at the start.

Below, bagels from Einstein’s.

Below, The Girls Next Door, U of I womens acapella group, singing the national anthem. 

Below, the wheelchair racers.

Below, a sea of runners awaits a start.

Below, the first wave or runners for the 2015 Christie Clinic Marathon.

Below, Jennifer Roscoe interviewing.

Below, another group sets off.

Below, CPD supporting runners.

Below, Jon Folsom, 44, Champaign, marathon finish time 3:55:24, pace 8:58/mile.

Below, trekking down Green Street.

Below, Ryan Elwell, 32, Champaign, half-marathon finish time 3:33:22, with a pace of 16:16/mile.

Below, Elise Trojanowski, 23, Evergreen Park, 10K finish time 1:03:07, with a pace of 10:09/mile.

Below, Bob Sheward, 66, Champaign, half-marathon finish time 3:35:58 with a pace of 16:28/mile.

Below, Julie Sweet, 39 Savoy, half-marathon finish time 3:22:05 with a pace of 15:24/mile.

Below, behold: “the Alma pose.”

Below, Davis Early, 11, Champaign, 10K finish time of 1:10:31 with a pace of 11:21/mile.

Below, racing through Downtown Champaign.

Below, “magic jelly beans.”

Below, high-fives from the fans.

Below, Joseph Amenya of Grand Prarie Texas, marathon finish time of 2:25:16 and a pace of 5:32/mile.

Below, entrance to the rainy yet still a magical Memorial Stadium for the race finish.

Below, Abe finishing. Jeff Kohmstedt, 42 Evanston, half-marathon finish time of 1:48:38 with a pace of 8:17/mile.

Below, this year’s marathon winner, David Tuwei of Cool Rapids Minnesota, with a time of 2:23:48 and a pace of 5:29/mile.

[gallery marathon_gallery]

Congratulations to the runners this year!

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