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A run from Champaign to Peoria for St. Jude

I took some pictures of our team leaving Champaign and running into Peoria. St. Jude is a hospital that treats kids with cancer. The awesome part of the hospital is that kids and their families don’t have to pay a dime. Runners throughout the midwest form teams, raise money, and then run from their city to Peoria. This all went down last Friday to Saturday afternoon.

This year the team raised $35,000 for the kids at St. Jude and ran 100 miles. They met in the Champaign Police Department parking lot, held a brief pre-run meeting, and then headed over to in front of Big Grove for a send off from the Friday Night Live crowd. 

Pre-run meeting in CPD parking lot. 

The “chase van.”

A moment of prayer.

Friday Night Live send off.

Joe, a St. Jude kid, spoke inspiring words. 

Leaving town.

Running the home stretch into Peoria Civic Center.

See more photos in the gallery below.

[gallery champaign_st_jude_run]

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