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Back to the license plates

Last month, I observed that the people of C-U are extraordinarily creative when it comes to vanity plates. This month, I captured a second pleasing plate selection. Feast your eyes on what people dream up, register with the state, and affix to their vehicles.

Unsurprisingly, many C-U residents are proud to sport various nerdy references on their whips:

Others like to get political:

There is also the self-effacing category:

I’m reading this as “One Slacker” (?)

I mean, it’s way more obnoxious to park all the way over the yellow line — go easy on yourself.

And the ever-popular “grab bag” category:

I may or may not need a car wash.

Never forget

Does this mean “four wet willies” (as in the desired number of wet willies), or “for wet willies” (as in “Wet willies? I’m all for them”)?

This picture broke my heart. My iPhone photographic skills couldn’t capture it, but the license plate of the first car says “NO ICE.” “KEIN EIS” is, of course, German for “no ice.” I’m dying to know the backstory of these vanity plate twinsies. If you have at leads, please put them in the comments.

And my personal favorite plate for August:

This is simultaneously a reference to our geographical position vis-a-vis the interstate and a butt joke. This person is a genius.

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