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Best dressed 4th of July

I rode along in a truck pulling a float in the parade this year. As we road along I noticed some very well dressed individuals both young and old. I decided to photograph them from the truck. Which outfits did you like the most?

Adults really need to step up their fashion game because the kids killed it this year.

Home-made tutu perhaps?

He takes the parade very seriously!


Bringing back the hawk.

Paul Revere rules — and so do squirt guns. 

See if you made the list in the gallery below.

I was also privileged to sit on top of the building just behind the McDonald’s on the corner of Neil and Kirby Ave. and take shots of the fireworks. The team did a great job this year starting on time and keeping the fireworks lit at a steady pace.

See more in the gallery below.

[gallery 4th_of_july]

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