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Boneyard Bombshells edge past Damagin’ Dames

The Twin City Derby girls continued their home season on Sunday at Skateland in Savoy, with the Damagin’ Dames taking on the Boneyard Bombshells. After several lead changes, grand slams, and pile-ups, the Bombshells won the bout, 163–108.

The Bombshells took an early lead, as jammers Houchebag and Payne Addams scored points in the first two jams. The Dames, bolstered by blocking by team MVP Tommy Knocker and Punchwrap Supreme and two grand slams by Crafty Brewz, staged a comeback, leading 24–8 after the eighth jam.

The Dames added to their lead as the first half went on, but the Bombshells defensive players, including Emme Mortal and Nutty Ginger, kept the Dames from running away with the lead. Two grand slams by Houchebag near the end of the first half put the lead back in favor of the Bombshells, 52–46.

While some penalties did happen during the bout, trying to avoid them worked to the Bombshells’ advantage, says their coach, Coach Doc: “We really didn’t change our strategy; we just tried to stay out of the box. My team is most powerful when they have all four blockers on the track.”

During the second half, the Dames’ Crafty Brewz and Moxie Locks scored grand slams, forcing another lead change in the bout. Jammer (and Bombshells MVP) Cheriff O. Swattinjam, however, reclaimed the lead for the Bombshells, with two grand slams despite strong hits by Tommy Knocker of the Dames. Houchebag then took advantage of several Dames penalties, which left only two blockers on the floor, and added to the Bombshells’ lead, giving them a score of 136–90. The Dames’ Moxie Locks and Lola La Slam each scored grand slams in the final moments of the bout, but the Bombshells held onto their lead and came out with the victory.

Their win didn’t happen just because of strong jamming and blocking. “The Bombshells had an incredible spirit going into the bout, so I really didn’t have to do much to motivate them,” says Coach Doc. “They motivated themselves by working as a team and relying on each other. Really, all I did was give them some fist bumps and they were ready to roll!”

TCDG’s next home bout will be on Sunday, July 15 at Skateland in Savoy, when the Damagin’ Dames face off against The ‘Paign.


All photos by Laura Fitch. Used with permission.

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