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C-U in Style: Cassie Brady

Cassie Brady is a fashion blogger, interior designer, and Instagram influencer here in C-U. 

Teddy Coat: Kensie
Sweater: J. Crew
Faux Leather Pants: Forever 21
Over The Knee Boots: Unisa
Purse: Modmopolitan Ring Handle
Tassel Earrings: Amazon

Smile Politely: So why did you chose this outfit today?

Cassie Brady: Mainly because it’s cold out. I like to pick out what I’m wearing due to the weather, where I’m going, and plus the teddy bear coats are trending right now, so I wanted to take the opportunity to incorporate that with what I have on today.

SP: I see you have over 2,300 followers on Instagram. What made you want to be a Instagram influencer?

Brady: I wanted to be a influencer because I spent a lot of time following other influencers so they influenced me so to speak. I never thought of being a influencer until a lady at our church said “your style is so cool you should start posting on Instagram.” I then thought “maybe I should why not, it could be fun.”

SP: What does the term influencer mean to you?

Brady: I would say influencer means someone who has a impact on other people. Coming up my sisters and friends would always ask me “What’s in?” and “What are you wearing these days?” and “what do you think about this coat? How would you style it?” Now with Instagram I can influence a bigger audience.

SP: I see you are some what of an interior designer. Is interior design a extention of your fashion personality?

Brady: Design has been something I have always loved since I was 5. My parents had a lot of rental properties, my parents would actually put us to work on the homes and apartments so I would partly be in charge of putting the fine touches to each and every home we did.

SP: You are a wife, dog mom, blogger, interior designer, IG influencer…How do you juggle all of that?

Brady: Honestly it’s not easy, I sometimes focus on one thing and neglect the others but my husband (Nathan) is such a great help. None of this would be possible without his help. I use Instagram the most because I can do everything under one social media platform, I have a link in my profile to my blog, I can tag the different companies in my posts — it just makes everything easier for me.

SP: What is your goal as a fashion enthusiast? Is it paid advertising? Brand work from different brands?

Brady: My ultimate goal would be to make enough money doing what I love and sharing my passion with the world. I would love to have my own clothing line to sell, I mean I love advertising for other companies, but my main goal one day is to advertise my own line.

SP: What shops and boutiques do you shop at in C-U?

Brady: My favorite stores are in Champaign are TJ Maxx, Gordman’s, Prairie Gardens, and Karen’s Closet, which is a consignment shop. I actually do fashion modeling and advertising for both Prairie Gardens and for Gordman’s. I love being able to shop TJ Maxx because all of my favorite brands are under one roof.

SP: Favorite fashion season: Is it winter, fall, summer?

Brady: I would say the fall season is my best season personally. It’s exciting because the weather is absolutely perfect. You can start wearing sweaters and jeans and boots, just being completely comfortable. Plus fashion week is in that season and it’s a perfect time to start wearing the newest styles, and trends.

SP: Do you have advice you can give those that will read this article and might want to become a fashion influencer?

Brady: Start one [an Instagram account]…why not? It’s been a learning experience even for me. I started off attending college as a fashion designer at ISU. I had thoughts of making and selling things on Etsy then that eventually led me to where I am today, blogging and Instagram influencing.

You can follow Cassie on Instagram at @thedarkplum

Photos by Kwamé Nyerere Thomas

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