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C-U in Style: Jonathan Lukusa

Jacket: ASOS online
Turtle neck: Forever21
Pants: Thrift store in Indiana
Belt: Zara Shoes: Christian Louboutin

Smile Politely: Which piece of your outfit today is your favorite and why?

Jonathan Lukusa: My shoes. I like the sparkle. It’s an attention getter, a conversation piece. The modern day style of putting a nice sneaker with a business suit or sport jacket says I’m fun and got a sense of style

SP: When did you start developing your own personal style?

Lukusa: My lady kind of showed me some things, honestly. I grew up playing soccer and was big into sports so I never really had time to shop and style my clothes. She definitely inspired me on how to dress and how to put things together.

SP: How do you feel about shopping brands?

Lukusa: Oh no, I can’t be boxed in to brands. I shop all around. I feel if I stick to brands I’m missing a lot of other styles from not well known or nationally recognized brands from smaller companies. I shop online mostly. I like to go on sites and pick out things and style them that way.

SP: What does your style say about you?

Lukusa: I think if people here saw me around they’d think I wasn’t from here and I’m not. I’m from Congo Africa and I’ve got a European style. A lot of the styles we see and wear come from a European kind of style, like Versace, Louis Vuitton etc. 

SP: What local C-U places do you shop?

Lukusa: Dandelion thrift store, Rag Stock, that’s it. I’m mostly online getting my stuff, but you’d be surprised what kind of things you can find in these thrift stores around town.

SP: Are accessories important to you? Is there a certain thing you always wear?

Lukusa: I love wearing watches. I wear non-prescription glasses to add a smart business look, or sunglasses like Ray-Ban, and sometimes a gold tooth I put in from time to time like the big city guys did in the 80s.

SP: And what about your hair, does that have a story behind it?

Lukusa: A regular old bald fade, man. I like to keep it simple. I used to wear braids, high top fades, faux hawk…but I’m a dad now so I felt I had to clean it up a bit, and act my age and keep a cleaner look, so I’m rocking the bald fade!

Jonathan Lukusa is @lukusa17 on Instagram. Photos by Kwamé Nyerere Thomas.

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