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1. Texas. You know, just three more yards and McCoy would have had the school record for most yards in a game. Oh well, one more win ties him for all-time NCAA wins. I guess he can settle for that.

2. Alabama. Their next two games are against teams coming off a bye. No exactly a best case scenario.

3. Florida. The Gators’ O-line has allowed 22 sacks. Might be their only weakness, but it’s an important one.

4. TCU. Why you ask? They’re the Horned Frogs, that’s why.

5. Boise State. Because I think anything outside of the top three really doesn’t matter till we get another week or two closer to picking bowl games, I’ll pick my old favorite, the blue field.



1. Saints. Another come-from-behind win to end with a score that leads you to believe it wasn’t even close. This team is unbeatable.

2. Colts. They better hope they get their ducks in a row; Brady and his Patriots will make them pay for their errors this week.

3. Steelers. Has any team been hotter in the last two games? They’ve knocked off two undefeated teams. Their next four opponents are a combined 13-19. Looks like they’re hitting their usual mid-season stride. Oh, and their two losses? Only by a combined six points.

4. Vikings. Perfect time for a bye — Brett’s gotta renew his AARP membership.

5. Patriots. They can thank Randy Moss and his 25 fantasy points for getting this spot. A win this week against Indy and you’ll see them higher next week.



This past Saturday the Strikeforce/M-1 promotion got started with a bang. The main event saw the number one fighter in the world (arguably) Fedor Emelianenko take on the former tire changer from Sam’s, Brett Rogers. Fedor is best known for his quiet demeanor, his religion, and his Spartan training regimen. Every fight this man has been in since 2000 has been a win, and this one would be no different. The difference here is that Brett showed us some things we haven’t seen before. Rogers was the first to strike ( a jab that broke Fedor’s nose), aggressive the whole time (something Fedor hasn’t seen in six years), and he had the Russian against the cage for some of the fight. The loss isn’t to the discredit of Mr. Rogers (or his neighborhood), he just plain got caught by the anvil that is the Russian right hand.

Now Emelianenko faces the same problem he has for the last five years. Who does he fight? He has beaten everyone worth a match in Strikeforce. He’s beaten all of the UFC wash-ups, and a bunch of people no one cares about. If he really wants a shot at the title of the best ever, he’s going to need to face the best now.

Another match on the card saw Jake Shields defeat Jason Miller in what was basically a wrestling match; Gegard Mousasi defeat Sokoudjou in the second round of a boring fight; and the only other highlight outside of the main event: Fabricio Werdum defeated Antonio Silva by decision.

It was a good show to establish where they are at. The conclusion is that Strikeforce has a few issues if it wants to be taken seriously.

1. Do away with the ring entrances; this isn’t WWE.
2. There is no need for the refs to have microphones.
3. Don’t try to showcase UFC dropouts.
4. Lastly, and by god most importantly, do something about the announcers. I lost count of the amount of analogies comparing the fights to some sort of CBS show or different MMA things that CBS could stand for. You Cannot Be Serious. The only saving grace was Frank Shamrock. He seemed to be in a separate booth altogether and wasn’t having to listen to the other two. I envy him.

In other MMA news, Dan Hendorson has become the most coveted free agent since Fedor. After UFC recently placed a hold on his title fight with Anderson Silva, Dan is thinking about jumping ships. Despite his age, he is still capable of main event fights and is widely considered a legend of the sport. It would be Strikeforce’s benefit if they give this man what he wants. It would give them a three-fold attack (Fedor, Dan, and female fights) on the industry and might give them a fighting (pun) chance.


One play can really change everything. It’s surprising the struggles that Alabama has been showing through the month of October. Through three quarters, the offense did its recently typical struggling. With the help of a 12 man penalty, they found themselves with a two-point deficit with under eleven minutes to play. With a SEC championship game on the line and with it a shot at the national championship, the Tide finally hit something they have been missing for a month; a stride. Offensive coordinator Jim McElwain called a play that had yet to be this season, a wide receiver screen. A 73-yard touchdown by Julius Jones ensued and with it an offensive fire was lit. The Tide would win 24-15. The story isn’t in what they did; it is what they have earned.

So, the Tide have a shot at an SEC championship game berth and with it, the number one team in the land: Florida. The Gators stretched its winning streak to 19 games with its uninspiring win against Vandy. This marks the fifth time in seven league outings that their offense has struggled. With Alabama seemingly finding a rhythm, Florida has three games against teams that are a combined 12-16 to find theirs or they will have a very dangerous situation In Atlanta.

The National Title dream is only alive assuming both win out, which as Oregon and Iowa showed us, is not a given. Riding on their high horse after handing USC a defeat last week, Stanford looked like a possible catch game on paper for the Ducks. For once, the paper was right. Sparked by an opening kickoff return for a touchdown, Stanford shredded Oregon’s inside middle defense and put up school-record rushing numbers on the way to its 51-42 win.

Iowa put up 10 points in the first quarter but lost their QB (Ricky Stanzi) to an ankle injury early in the second. Relying on Stanzi for their close calls and late comebacks all season, freshman James Vandenberg had no grip on the offense, going only 9 of 27 for 82 yards. Early x-rays lead one to believe that Stanzi will be out for at least a few weeks. This is very bad news considering the Hawkeyes go to Columbus in what could amount to the Big Ten title game and a spot in the Rose Bowl.

Texas. Where do they stand you ask? Well, all they have to do is win out and they’re in the Championship game. In fact, they could lose one and still easily make the title game. They have the Ducks and Iowa to thank for that.



Golden Glove Award

Tommy Harris (DT) of the Chicago Bears. Around the minute mark of Sunday’s game against the Cardinals, Tom felt he was at the receiving end of a cheap hit from Arizona Guard Deuce Lutui. So in response he slugged the guy…..while he was face down on the ground. And he makes more money than me?

“I’m an Attention Whore” award

Chad Ochocinco of the Bengals. Before Sundays game against the Raven, Ochocinco sent some of the Ravens team care packages containing deodorant among other things. And during the game he flashed some cash to the referees during the evaluation of a play he made.

Balls of Steel Award

Paul Johnson (coach) of Georgia Tech. On fourth and inches at Wake Forest’s goal line, needing only a field goal to send it to the second OT, Paul decided to keep the ball in the hands of his QB who promptly snuck it up the middle for the win.

Minor Thoughts

  • I find it odd that there is more parity in fantasy football than there is in regular football this season.
  • You notice the Titans are 2-0 ever since coach Fisher was caught wearing a Colts jersey?
  • Why does Arizona have only two gains for more than 27 yards this season?
  • Aaron Rodgers has been sacked 37 times so far this season. Boy needs to learn how to throw it away.
  • Arizona Cardinals: 1-3 at home, 4-0 on the road. Shouldn’t that be the other way around?
  • Thursday night football kicks off with the Bears against the 49ers. Wow, talk about lackluster.



12-8 Pro

5-6-2 NCAA

2-1 MMA

West Virginia (+10) over CINCINNATI: This is going to be the Bearcats’ close call for the last third of the season.

Iowa (+17) over OHIO STATE: I think Iowa can win this outright. So giving them 17 points, easy money. Guarantee of the week.

Indiana (+25.5) over PENN STATE: Indiana isn’t so bad that they’ll lose by that much.

Broncos (-3.5) over REDSKINS: Denver will be back to its winning ways.

TITANS (-5) over Bills: The Vince Young show continues.

Saints (-13.5) over Rams: Sorry Rams.

Cowboys (-2) over PACKERS: The Packers will lose another one at home. Poor Aaron!

UFC 105

Randy Couture over Brandon Vera: This was a very hard pick, but I’ll give the edge to Randy on his experience.

Mike Swick over Dan Hardy: Another difficult one but Swick, I think, is the better fighter.

Michael Bisping over Denis Kang: Bisping gets the nod since he’s never lost in England.

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