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Catch ‘em all at the Pokemon Go meetup

Pokemon Go is a smart phone and tablet game that is taking the country (and world) by storm and C-U is not exception. This past Saturday Fluid Event Center and radio station Q96 hosted a meetup that according to coordinators, ran into some trouble. 

There was about 100 Pokemon Go players lined up outside of the center around 1 p.m. However, around 2 or 3 p.m. the servers went down and people were not able to log into the game. Many people dispersed but some stuck around for more hunting and a costume contest.

I arrived at 4 p.m. to catch the costume contest. The winner was a little girl dressed as Nurse Joy from Pokemon. There were other costumes including Pidgey, Magma, and Charmeleon. After the contest the servers were restored and players headed back outside to hunt pokemon. 

There were about 50 people out and they ranged in age from 10-40. Many of them hung out in groups and everyone seemed happy. They talked about strategy, rare pokemon, and other related topics. The vibe was very chill and accepting. There was also a few vendors. Some were selling team t-shirts while others were advertising a cab service to take you around and catch pokemon. Fluid Event Center is hoping to host more events in the future so stay tuned for more events. 

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