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Champaign vs. Urbana: Food

Let’s get ready to rumble! We’re proud to present our newest series where we debate the important local essentials so you don’t have to. But, you know, in a fun way.

First up, Champaign Food vs. Urbana Food. Sure Champaign has Green Street/nearby eateries such as the new Cracked restaurant, Zorba’s, and Fat Sandwich Company; but think about this: Urbana has the Courier Café, Pizza M, and Siam Terrace all within a block of each other.

With this series, we hope to open your eyes to all of the beautiful local restaurants and businesses we have in the community and allow us all an opportunity to appreciate what we have around us. Plus, we really like to fight about any topic… ever.

Make sure you check out Protagonist Pizza Productions on Facebook and YouTube. More of this series will be coming soon. Thanks for watching.

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