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Changes are coming for SP in 2015

We exist in a pretty unique place. At Smile Politely, we try to highlight what’s happening all across Champaign-Urbana and the surrounding area because we very much enjoy being here and covering what happens in our community. One part of this community that we’re going to be highlighting more and more, beginning in 2015, is the tech sector in C-U. As you may or may not know — our community is bursting at the seams with tech talent and world-renowned innovations. Sure, we cover technology from time to time within the structure of Smile Politely, but in January 2015 — we’ll be debuting a section dedicated to just that: Smile Politely TECH.

The Tech section will exist just as the rest of the sections exist and are produced by our community editors and writers. This is a component that we will roll out at the beginning of next year, providing coverage and features on local tech talent within plenty of realms — as the “tech” world are a broad one. We’re excited about the challenge, and welcome all sorts of technology content related to Champaign-Urbana to that section in 2015.

If you’re interested in applying as the Tech Editor beginning in 2015 — please reference the SPlog post here. That has all the information about what the Editor position entails, expectations, and more. We hope you (or a friend of yours) might be interested. Let us know.

If you’re interested in writing for SP Tech — or for the magazine in general in any of the other categories — check out the Contributions page to find more information on how you can contribute. We’re always looking to bring new writers into the fold.

In addition to that addition to the magazine, News & Culture will simply be called Culture, and we’ll be folding Sports into Culture. Tech will take the space where Sports currently exists. We will continue to cover Sports (and News, for that matter) as we see fit, but the potential for Tech is something we want to pursue the oncoming year and beyond.

You’ll notice a few other adjustments — and if you have any questions / comments / complaints — hit us at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you.

See you next year, readers. Enjoy the holiday season.


Smile Politely Editors

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