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Damagin’ Dames fight off the ‘Paign

The Damagin’ Dames took on the ‘Paign Sunday at Skateland, part of the Twin City Derby Girls home season. While the ‘Paign took the lead at the beginning of the bout, the Dames scored 23 points in the fourth jam, holding onto the lead for the rest of the bout and winning with a score of 109–95.

‘Paign jammers Delta Badhand and Chiquita Bandita took control during the first three jams, giving the ‘Paign a 6–0 lead. Bandita’s penalty in the next jam, however, left the Dames’ Crafty Brewz in a power jam situation, allowing her to score 23 points before time was called. Black Eye Betty added to the Dames’ lead, despite strong defense by the ‘Paign’s game MVP Sasha Smashmouth and Polly Nator.

The ‘Paign attempted to close the gap, scoring points in several consecutive jams while not allowing the Dames to score. The Dames’ defensive players, however, including Dame Sangre, Tommy Knocker, and game MVP Punchwrap Supreme, kept the ‘Paign from scoring more than five points in most of the jams during the first half. The Dames kept building on their lead after their initial 23-point rally, taking advantage of ‘Paign penalties and scoring points even when their team didn’t have the lead jammer. The first half of the bout ended with the Dames leading 62–31.

Black Eye Betty and Moxie Locks started off the second half strongly, building on the Dames’ lead. But the ‘Pain managed to hold off the Dames from scoring for five consecutive jams, thanks to a hit to Crafty Brewz by defender Bubbly Brawler, and a grand slam by Chiquita Bandita, closing the gap to within 18 points of the Dames.

But once again, the Dames took advantage of penalties, scoring 24 points in one jam in which only one ‘Paign defensive player wasn’t in the penalty box, and gaining a lead of 103–58. During the last ten jams of the game, though, the ‘Paign prevented the Dames from doing more damage, with blocks by Bubbly Brawler and Sasha Smashmouth and grand slams by Delta and Bandita.

After an official review, the bout ended with the Dames holding onto their lead with a final score of 109–95. Both teams brought strong offense and defense to the rink, making for an exciting and fast-paced bout.

The ‘Paign take on the Boneyard Bombshells for the second time this season on Sunday, July 29 at TCDG’s next Skateland bout. A portion of the proceeds will benefit RACES in Urbana.

Photos by Eric Ponder. Check out more photos on our Facebook page.

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