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Going to Chicago on Megabus Just Became Free?

Gasoline is pretty affordable nowadays, especially in Champaign-Urbana. But maybe you’re just feeling lazy and would like someone else to drive you from city to city. Well, today, you are in luck because Megabus is literally giving away 100,000 free seats on its express buses for trips between Jan. 14, 2009 and Mar. 18, 2009 on all of their routes.

There are exactly 29 cities available in the Midwest and Northeast, which means this includes Chicago to Champaign and vice versa. For those of you not looking to go north from here, trips from Champaign, Ill. to Memphis, Tenn. are also available. And as an added bonus, their buses are extremely comfortable and clean.

Read on for more Megabus deals.

If you would like to see what trips are available, you can check out and you can also book your free seat right there and then. You must enter the promotion code “greenbus”, in the box under “Search and Buy”. Of course, availability is limited and it is also based on if other passengers got their free tickets on the same bus or on the same day as your search). So, if your schedule is flexible, check other departure days, times or if you’re extremely flexible, even cities.

There is one catch though. Megabus only allows passengers to book a trip a few months in advance and since this promotion begins for travel starting on Jan. 14, as of today, you are unable to book trips after Saturday, Jan. 24. But have no fear, everday Megabus opens up seats for one day further out. So check back with tomorrow for trips up through Jan. 25.

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