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Introducing Smile Politely Radio — our very own podcast

Spring is in the air. It’s time to get out of the office and smell the flowers. And, unless you picked up an iPad last week, we’re guessing you won’t be able to take with you on your wildflower trips to Allerton Park. That is, until now. With the creation of Smile Politely Radio, you can download Smile Politely and listen to us while you cook, jog, drive, work or organize your paper clip collection.

Why a podcast? As editors and writers, we often feel that some of the interviews and articles we do would benefit from an audio infusion. This podcast gives us the opportunity to expand upon and/or revisit some of our favorites in a new format. Most importantly, we hope it gives you a whole new perspective on the content you’ve come to expect from Smile Politely. Take for example Matthew DeMarco’s recent review of Howard Finster: it was an excellent written piece, but as an audio review, it’s enthralling on a whole new level.

We plan to do one of these every couple of weeks. Please give us your thoughts below and if you would like to participate or have other specifics, contact us at

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In this episode:

This episode’s musical snippets come from Shipwreck, Common Loon and A Light Sleeper.

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