Smile Politely

Joe Petry wants to know “Where are you going tonight?”

Mayoral candidate Joe Petry has been running on a platform related to reaching out to local Champaign residents and finding out how they’d like to see their city improve. The economics professor has gleaned plenty of information from the population and has formulated solid plans to make this community stronger.

Petry sees himself as an open to ear to Champaign and prides himself on listening to the concerns of citizens he hopes to serve as mayor. The 51 year-old came up with his latest campaign slogan, “Where are you going tonight?” while driving his 2010 Ford Taurus on his nightly Uber route.

“Uber’s been great,” said Petry. “It’s a way to connect with local residents when they’re the most willing to be honest. Just last night I picked up a couple from the Esquire after last call and I asked them ‘What does Champaign need more of to be a perfect city?’ They told me that we needed more silent Uber drivers! It was a revelation, and it’s data that I hope to use after I win the election to make this city even better.”

Petry plans on continuing to tote customers from place to place if he’s elected mayor, suggesting “What’s a better way to connect to people than by picking them up ad driving them home? Doesn’t everyone want their mayor to know where they live?”

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