Smile Politely

Orange and Blue Scrimmage on Sunday at Assembly Hall

The season doesn’t really start for a few weeks. But it sort of started two weeks ago, on a football field, after a football game. It kind of starts Sunday, when our basketball team will play basketball in its basketball arena.

After that, it will start again, sort of, on the following successive Sundays. All the Sunday games(-ish) tip at 4:30 p.m. You will be early for the contest versus Florida Southern next week, because you will have forgotten to Fall Back. By the time the actual, real, official first game comes around on November 14, you will have acclimated to Standard Time.

Dramatic headlines, such as IT BEGINS, or ARE YOU READY?!? are tricky given these fits and starts. But this basketball team is finding its way, so dry runs and dress rehearsals are important.

You won’t have to watch Shaun Pruitt. That should be sufficient reason to show up, and give the lads some cheer.

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