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Postseason football variety

It’s going to be a quick one this week ladies and gentlemen, being as how as soon as I’m done with this I’m jumping in the car for a vacation.



For once I am glad I was wrong. The Saints deserved to win. I’m sure by the time you read this you’ll be over talking about it so I’m just going to offer a few thoughts.

  • If I had to hear the announcers mention about how New Orleans “knows how to party” one more time, I think I was going to drive down to Miami and shoot them. Anyone with more than three brain cells was having the exact same thought when they won; you didn’t need to say it 80 times.
  • Drew Brees really did deserve the MVP trophy. He completed 29 of his final 32 attempts. That’s amazing. Also take into consideration he wasn’t picked off once all post season. In fact, on the final TD drive he made seven straight throws to seven separate recievers.
  • Not enough can be said about the size of Sean Payton’s testicles. I do not care how much faith you put in your special teams, to go for broke on the opening kickoff of the second half when you are down and have yet to actually score a touchdown… takes a certain level of crazy. It may not seem like it but cosider the fact that no one else has ever done an onside outside of the fourth quarter in the Super Bowl, ever.
  • And the call to go for it on 4th and 1 late in the second. It was a hard call to make, but it was the right one. It ate more time off the clock and they still got the ball back and got a field goal before the half.
  • Both Drew Brees and Tracy Porter (INT return for TD in 4th) wen to college in Indiana. The Saints’ Superbowl shirts are also being made in Indiana. Irony.
  • When the Colts returned home they were greated by 11 fans. I’m willing to bet if the Saints lost they still would have had a huge crowd to greet them.
  • The commercials were so-so. The Bud Light and Doritos were good but there’s one in particular that bothered me. The Dodge Charger commercial. For 26 seconds it shows a guy saying; I hold your purse, I clean the toilet, I look at wall paper…blah blah and things like that that are just really depressing. In the last 4 seconds it shows the car and the guy saying this is my last stand or somehting poetic of that nature. That is the most depressing commercial I have ever seen. The first 26 are basically an anti-marriage commercial.
  • And seriously, what was with the men in their underwear?
  • Lastly, I wouldn’t be surprised to see either of these two teams back in the big game next year. They both have a lot of returning power.



It’ll be really intersesting to see what happens to the Eagles QB’s this offseason. They won’t be able to keep both Vick and McNabb. Six separate teams have inquired about both of them. In my opinion the Rams should really pick up one of them.

In this weeks Favre-watch, I’m still thinking he won’t retire.

If Favre does retire, don’t be surprised to see the Vikings enter the Vick/McNabb mix or reach out to Matt Hasselback even.



They really needed it [the Michigan State win]. For their tournament resume but also for the team morale. As far as rushing the floor goes, oh well. When an unranked team beats a Top-5 team in the last 30 seconds and on national television, I think they deserve it. It’s a pride thing.



In relation to the Illini game there was somehting that bothered me: Dick Vitale. Why in the Hell was he talking about the Duke/UNC game while there is a close, non-ACC game going on right in front of him? In my opinion it was very disrespectful to both Michigan St. and the Illini. While were at it there is another guy that bothers me: Joe Buck. He really comes off as high and mighty and it really pisses me off. He is just so smug and it really eats at me. Artie Lange said it best when on Buck’s HBO show: “You’re not your dad.” I’m also tempted to throw Jim Rome on this list but I can occasionaly stand him so he gets a pardon….for now.

I would much rather if an announcer from each team and a moderator was announcing the game. You have to admit it would be entertaining.


That’s all I have for this week as I am leaving here in a few miutes to go south for the rest of the week and the weekend. I wish you all a very enjoyful Valentine’s Day weekend.

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