Smile Politely


Presidential Candidate Dr. Ron Paul wears black Rockport Pro-Walkers. All of those who work seven days a week can commiserate with his podiatric pain and lack of style. Some love him more for it. It is a reflected symbol of their gainfully employed homeliness. Stacy Adams, if we had our egomaniacal, attractive, Wall Street druthers — Pro-Walkers if we’re mensch.

Rarely in life are individuals afforded the opportunity to meet their personal hero.

Last night, nearly 5,000 raucous, energized, and youthful supporters of Dr. Ron Paul were afforded the opportunity to hear him speak in Huff Gym.

Some adored his mien.

Others, “sticking it to the man.”

One was allowed to interview him over Diner Stacks and good old Mahomet Aquifer H20.

Stuart Tarr must be thanked as the catalyst of the first, insightful query to Dr. Paul. When asked whether or not his political approach is too backward-looking or “rosy-hued,”if his political economy too derivative, Dr. Paul said: “No.”

Shocker. But he went on: “The other guys are the ones looking back all the time. I’m looking ahead. They want to take us back to the age of tyranny. Look at Obama signing the NDAA in January. That was the death of the Posse Comitatus Act — the military can now arrest you indefinitely, without a trial or even a lawyer!”

Is anyone else talking about this on the campaign trail?

“No. I’m the only one, which is scary if you think about it. Mitt’s the nicest one to me, personally. Newt, eh. Santorum, he’s mean to me. He’s also a theocrat. He actually is an Islamo-phobe. Scary to think about. Thankfully, if he wins the nomination he has no chance against Obama.”

As it turns out, a Rasmussen poll likes Dr. Paul’s chances.

Dr. Paul enjoys water.

As this marks his final election cycle, who does Mr. Paul view as his political, philosophic successor?

“I don’t know. I haven’t thought about it much. I can tell you more about my predecessors.”
When needled endlessly, “I like Justin Amash. I see you guys, the youth, as the future. It’s an intellectual movement that I’m a part of … it’s not me I’m talking about when I use the word intellectual.”

Tim Johnson likes Rand Paul. Many like Tim Johnson.

Some enjoy the brevity of Marcy Kaptur.

There were only 25 minutes available; forgiveness is vital to any relationship.

Even as a resident Texan, Dr. Paul didn’t shoot straight on all issues.

When asked repeatedly if he would honor the amnesty granted by Bill Clinton to illegal immigrants who were contributing members of American society, he stated, “I don’t know about that.”

All of those individuals who applied in the late 90’s had the pre-requisite ten years of residency and a clean record. However, since 9/11 they have been waitlisted indefinitely by the Federal Government. They are overwhelmingly conservative, Catholic, and eager to join the Republican Party. They also live in fear of the shadow of their own faces.

When followed to the vestibule and asked again Dr. Paul promised to “research it.”

Better than nothing.

  • Dr. Paul heads a tireless, vociferous minority.
  • He is actively courting Blue Republicans in order to gain the nomination.
  • He is the only anti-war candidate on either side of the aisle.
  • That includes the war on drugs.
  • He is a man of common sense, integrity, and the Constitution.
  • He even even has a sense of humor!

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