Smile Politely

See You, Speak Up: Champaign’s Alfie McCool

At Smile Politely, we’re interested in what the people of Champaign- Urbana think about this place we call home. So how do we find out what they think? Simple. We ask them.

Name: Alfie McCool

Occupation/Education: Transportation/Junior college

Original Hometown: Champaign, Ill.

Current Hometown: Champaign, Ill.

Number of Years Living in the C-U Area: 50 years

Age: 50

Five things I really like about C-U:

1. People
2. People
3. People
4. People
5. People

Five things I really don’t like about C-U:

1. Potholes
2. Traffic light synchronization
3. Parking meter fees
4. Parking meter fees
5. Traffic light synchronization (wasting my gas)!

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