As you may have noticed, we got a bunch of snow the other day. You may also have noticed that Valentine’s Day is coming right up. How, you might ask, can you combine these two seemingly-unrelated events? Well readers, I’m here to tell you. Buckle up and get ready for SNOWLENTINE’S DAY 2022, AND ITS ASSOCIATED SNOWTIVITIES! (those are snow-activities)

Couples Shoveling

Sure, you could gripe and argue with your partner about who should shovel the sidewalk/driveway, but why do that when you could have a fun and romantic time shoveling snow ToGeThEr! Only own one snow shovel? EVEN BETTER! Each of you simply grabs half of the shovel handle. It’ll be like you’re holding hands while also doing intense manual labor.

Two gloved hands holding a shovel and pushing it through the snow. Photo by Tom Ackerman.Photo by Tom Ackerman.


You and your partner could build a snow-person I suppose, but that’s not actually very romantic (three, as we all know, is a crowd). Much more exciting, and charming to build a snow fortress as a monument to your eternal affection! (Eternal in the sense that it will last until spring.)

I was excited to build a snow fortress with my partner, but then I remembered that I’m actually very lazy. Instead of spending hours constructing a fortress, I found a big pile of plowed snow and declared it to be a fortress. Even though it may not look as good as a hand-built snow fortress, it is much quicker and easier to use a pre-existing snow structure. That way you and your significant other can immediately get down to important Snow Fortress of Love business, such as throwing snowballs at anyone who ventures too close.

A man in winter gear is standing behind a giant wall of snow, giving a salute. There is a white house in the background. Photo by Andrea Black. Photo by Andrea Black.

(I know I made that “three’s a crowd” joke above, but actually if you’re in a polyamorous relationship, you and your beloved crew will be able to create a much larger, and more imposing Snow Fortress of Love than your foolish monogamous neighbors. Just an FYI.)

Flirty & Playful Snowball Fight

Anyhow, speaking of snowballs, one of your snowtivities with your date should definitely be having a flirty and playful snowball fight. Look at what a delightful time you could be having!

A man in a green puffy jacket, a furry hat with ear flaps, sunglasses, black gloves, and black snow pants is standing in the snow, staring at the camera. Photo by Andrea Black.Photo by Andrea Black

Make sure to keep your snowball frolic short though. The longer a snowball fight goes, the more likely it is to get dirty, dangerous and personal. It always starts with giggles and fresh powder, but in the blink of an eye it can turn to icicles, insults, and past grievances. If you feel your snowball session turn even slightly from flirty to frightening, immediately go indoors and make a cocoa.

Couples Snow Angels

Nothing is cuter than two snow angels holding hands…or touching wings? I’m not super sure how snow angel anatomy works. Anyhow, all you gotta do is hold hands with your partner, and, standing as far apart as your arms will allow, fall backwards completely straight into some pristine snow. Then get to angel-ing!

The author is laying down in the snow, arms and legs outstretched, making a snow angel. There is a spot next to him where someone has already made a snow angel. Photo by Andrea Black.Photo by Andrea Black. 
The author, still in snow angel position, arms in a Photo by Andrea Black.

Having grown up in Arizona, I’m not exactly a snow angel expert, but I think when I attempted this, the snow was actually too deep to angel properly. Oh well, I still had a great time getting snow all over my clothes and down my neck!

A close up of the author laying in the snow. Photo by Andrea Black.Photo by Andrea Black

Sensual Sledding

Yes, if you have the proper two-person sled or toboggan, you can have an exhilarating time shooting down a snowy hill at reckless speeds. Just watch out for trees in your path. Also, if you’re gonna get all smoochy on the sled, best to find a more secluded sleddin’ hill so hundreds of children won’t make fun of you for K-I-S-S-I-N-G.

Winter Dining Al Fresco

You haven’t lived until you’ve eaten a romantic dinner outdoors in the middle of a magical, snow-covered wonderland. Is it cold? Yes. Also, your food is cold and your clothes quickly get wet, but it’s about the AMBIANCE, and building memories which will last a lifetime.

A snow covered round table and two chairs sit in the snow. There are two plates and two wine glasses on the table. Photo by Tom Ackerman.Photo by Tom Ackerman.
A close up of the snowy table. There are two round black plates, two clear wine glasses, and forks, spoons, and knives alongside each plate. Photo by Tom Ackerman.Photo by Tom Ackerman.

Put a really hot object in some snow

Alright, this isn’t actually very romantic, it’s just something I’ve always wanted to do, so why not do it here in the name of LOVE and also SCIENCE!

I got my trusty cast iron pan smokin’ hot, and dropped it into a snow pile. The results were… much less dramatic than I’d hoped, but I still had a good time, and sometimes that just how love and science are ya know?

The author is outside wearing a stocking cap, red sweater, and black pants. He is standing next to a large pile of snow, holding a black pan. Photo by Andrea Black.Photo by Andrea Black.
A black cast iron pan is sitting in the snow. Photo by Tom Ackerman.Photo by Tom Ackerman.

Anyhow readers, I hope whoever you’re with on Valentine’s you’re able to spend some quality time in the snow before it all turns to muddy goop for weeks and weeks.


Top photo by Tom Ackerman.