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SP Radio Podcast: Architecture in Central Illinois

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Download this week’s podcast here.

This week on Smile Politely Radio, Mark Ritz of BLDD Architects joins us for a discussion of all things local architecture. Mark is the principal at the firm’s Champaign office, and stops by the studio for a chat about what it’s like to practice architecture in east central Illinois. We asked him about some of the unique considerations, challenges, and benefits of designing for the Chambana area, how a Midwestern architecture firm weathers the economic slowdown, why types of projects are keeping the firms busy right now, and what makes a great building in Central Illinois. Fear not — there’s good things on the horizon for current and future architects.

This week’s show also features a Science Politely segment from U of I Master’s student Linnea Meier, who provides some information about a particularly vexing invasive insect, the Asian Longhorn Beetle.


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