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SP Radio Podcast: Fighting for healthier lives at 5th and Hill

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In this podcast:
We talk to resident Mr. Pelmore as well as Claudia Lenhoff and Grant Antoline from the Champaign County Health Care Consumers about the toxic site in the  5th and Hill neighborhood. The CCHCC is working with residents to get Ameren to clean toxins off of properties neighboring the former manufactured gas plant.  Some of the topics covered:

  • Identifying the extent of contamination
  • Mr. Penmore’s experiences at his home
  • Ongoing health surveys of residents and why the Illinois Dept. of Public Health would not participate
  • Why the CCHCC and residents believe Ameren should be held responsible for the clean up
  • Breaking revelations about the high toxicity of a pipe draining straight into the Boneyard Creek

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