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SP Radio Podcast: Kevin Johnson from the UP Center of Champaign County

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Kevin Johnson, President of the UP Center of Champaign County, talks about the organization’s emergence and role in the local GLBT community. Topics covered:

  • How the UP Center of Champaign County got started and the type of services and events they bring to the community.
  • Last week’s first couple of days of civil unions in Illinois. As someone with a longterm partner and a child, Kevin is delighted to have equal footing in the eyes of the law in this state, but also laments the fact that marriage is still a separate institution and civil unions in Illinois are not valid in most other regions of the country.
  • Next Saturday’s 2nd Annual LGBTQA Film Festival at the Art Theater featuring You Should Meet My Son, Two Spirits, Camp Out, The Kids Are All Right and Big Gay Musical.

Finally, regular commentator Neil Parthun explains that, despite a couple of high profile homophobic slurs, the sporting world is becoming more accepting of GLBT issues.

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