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Speakers in C-U: Nov. 9—15

WHAT:University-in-Prison: the Education Justice Project,” Rebecca Ginsburg, Director, Education Justice Project (EJP)

WHEN: Tuesday, Nov. 9 @ 12 noon

WHERE: University YMCA

From the event announcement: “Rebecca Ginsburg follows up her Friday Forum Lecture given on the Education Justice Project, a higher education prison program that offers on-site classes to men incarcerated at a local state prison. In addition to describing the Education Justice Project in greater detail, Ginsburg will discuss the values of higher education more generally, how they lend themselves to the healing and transformation processes that can take place within prisons, to and the implications of EJP’s work for the larger campus.”


WHAT: “Minimizing the Impact From Dynamic Vehicle Systems on Soil Conditions,” Dr. Dick Godwin, Emeritus Professor, Cranfield University, National Soil Resource Institute at SILSOE

WHEN: Wednesday, Nov. 10 @ 3 p.m.

WHERE: 204 Agricultural Engineering Sciences Building, 1304 West Pennsylvania Avenue, Urbana

From the event announcement: “Professor Godwin is an internationally recognized researcher and educator in the field of soil-implement mechanics, soil and waste management and precision agriculture. Professor Godwin’s research has helped to improve the efficiency of food production and reduced the environmental impact of agriculture, through improved production systems, increased quantity and quality of food production, “the sustainability of soils” and the improvement of the environment. He has taught numerous courses in agricultural engineering, soil mechanics and soil and water management. In addition to developing masters’ courses in agricultural engineering, precision farming and soil management he has developed and delivered many practically orientated short courses for manufacturers, advisors and farmers.”


WHAT: “New Perspectives on the Indus Civilization: Recent Excavations in Pakistan and India,” Mark Kenoyer, UW-Madison

WHEN: Friday, Nov. 12 @ 4 p.m.

WHERE: Spurlock Museum, 600 S. Gregory St., Urbana

From the event announcement: “Dr. Kenoyer has been excavating at Harappa, Pakistan since 1986. His main focus is on the Indus Valley Civilization and he has worked in both Pakistan and India since 1974. He has a special interest in ancient technologies and crafts, socio-economic and political organization as well as religion. These interests have led him to study a broad range of cultural periods in South Asia as well as other regions of the world.”


You live near a major university and a community college. There are smart people that come here every week to talk to the general public about interesting topics. Perhaps you were not aware of this fact, or were overwhelmed by the sheer number of opportunities for possible enlightenment. If that’s the case, Smile Politely understands and is here to help. Here are several events going on in town this week. Check out one or more of them if you have time. Get your learn on, as they say, and join the cognoscenti. It’s free, you know. Plus, sometimes there’s free food, too!

If you have a community event, speaker, or film event that you’d like to see featured on Listen Up!, send the event information to joelgillespie [at] smilepolitely [dot] com by Friday the week prior to the event. Listen Up! runs on Tuesdays.

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