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The Dapper Crapper: Jan. 12

The community that crappers together is dapper together. I must say I am enjoying this, and appreciate all of the community input or one might say, “commode comradery”. I will work dutifully to facilitate your powder room perusal. I hope this turns into a real movement.

This week I took a look at some differences between women’s and men’s rooms as well as an alternative crapper. I would like to thank Emma Reaux for her assistance with the photos of the women’s room, as I do love lavatories, but I also have a strong aversion to getting slapped in the face.


Korean BBQ & Karaoke, Savoy

Rating: Dapper

Although this establishment is quite bizarre, and in need of a real bartender, one thing they certainly know how to do is bathrooms. Aside from being painted with fun and vibrant colors, they were exceptionally clean.

The men’s room sports the “Go Illini!” orange and blue and the women’s room was a very pleasant mint julip green. Large mirrors and bright lighting fixtures also add an extra touch of class. Totally dapper.

The infamous Blind Pig Brewery:

Some Dapper…Some Crapper

There are three restrooms in this bar, one on the north side and two on the south.

The South Side:



There are both men’s and women’s room on this side, virtually identical, except there’s a urinal in the men’s room. Culturally, it is one of the worst bathroom experiences for men in this town. Sure it is plenty clean, but there is always a line for the men’s room, and whenever in the men’s room some monkey always comes up and cranks on the door handle like the world is ending. The walls are covered with it’s-here-so-we-can-clean-our-walls-without-remodeling-them-after-you-pee-all-over-the-place blue ceramic tile.  However practical (at least for the men’s room), not my favorite décor choice.

The North Side:



It has wallpaper. Not only that, it is the only commode I have reviewed that come close to the home-experience.  Aside from this industrial blower, with the hilarious additional instructions written in ballpoint pen, this privy is pretty dapper.


More Dapper than anything I can even think of.


Write your name. Be proud. And ladies, don’t feel left out

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