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Well it’s currently Monday night, the Ravens are about to play the Packers, and Tiger Woods’ total is up to six….wait….just hit seven.

No longer a Tiger, now a Cheetah!

So far Tigers scorecard includes three waitresses, two Jamies, a porn star, Rachel Uchitel, a lingerie model, a mom, your sister, your cousin, your sister again, a dog, two cats, and his wife (unconfirmed). Now that’s quite a list, how does a wife put up with it? Well, unconfirmed reports say that Elin has had enough and moved out. This makes her potentially the best girlfriend ever — as long as you keep your number of mistresses under nine then it seems she’s ok. So where does that leave Tiger? His sponsors said they stood by him after the first two were announced but it has yet to be seen what will happen with the recent developments.

It’s fun to take note of the fact that he has made no comment on any of these girls, I know if girls accused me of cheating I would deny it to the grave. Now if you go back a few years to the Michael Vick dog-wars escapade, or Pit (bull) fighting if you will, you may remember Tiger actually came out and said that Vick should just come clean; what a hypocrite.

If you are like me you must be wondering if it was worth it. Well thanks to my investigative reporting (Google images) I have surmised an answer. Not really but kind-of sort-of. The only thing keeping it from being a resounding no is the 26 year old Jamie Jungers. She has the face of a stripper but a body that well, I’m gonna stop there on the off chance that my girlfriend actually reads what I write. I’m gonna give the nod to Elin based on the way that she looks at me.



1. Saints: You can be sure the Redskins kicker is on the Saints Christmas card list, how do you miss an 18 yard field goal? The Saints remain the most exciting team week in and week out.

2. Colts: The only thing that keeps them from the number one spot is that game against New England. That was a loss in my mind. They did do a decent job with the resurgent Titans though.

3. Cardinals: Warner may not be what he once was but he is still good enough. With their crazy D they are a serious threat to make a run.

4. Chargers: Fun little note: in 2007 and 2008 the Chargers knocked the Colts out of the playoffs.

5. Minnesota: I’m on the bubble about them, depends on how Favre looks in the next two weeks.

Sean Payton (Saints coach) has announced that if his team is in position “they’re going for it.” This is referring to a perfect season. He does not intend to bench his players if 19-0 is a possibility. On the other side, Colts coach Jim Caldwell has said that they will rest players down the stretch. Kind off an odd move when you consider the only Super Bowl Indy has won was when they played it all the way through.

Phillip Rivers (Chargers QB) is making his case for MVP. In the last seven games he has 14 touchdowns and only three interceptions, oh ya, they won them all.

Since Week Five the Saints have not scored less than four touchdowns in a game.

The Bucs had a total of 469 yards (that’s a lot) and scored six points (that’s not).

Am I the only one that thinks the Steelers coach Mike Tomlin looks like MMA’s Rashad Evans?



Let’s take a look at the Bowl games.

Gator Bowl — FSU vs. West Virginia: This game right here is a crime. FSU is 6-6 and has no place in a major bowl. There are 3 other 8 win teams in the ACC. The only reason they’re here is because it’s Bowdens final game and he gets to coach against the team he used to coach for. It’s a ratings blockbuster for the BCS.

Rose Bowl — Ohio St. vs. Oregon: Its nice just not seeing USC in it for once. The edge has to go to Oregon, they have the better record and Ohio St. just didn’t seem to be overly motivated for most of the season.

Sugar Bowl — Florida vs. Cincinnati: Cincy just wants to finish the season undefeated so they can cry foul to the BCS. Florida want to when so they can say that they’re better than the Undefeated because they play in a major conference. I just do not think Florida has a lot to play for, it is Tebows last game but who cares? This game isn’t where they want to be and Cincy is going to exploit that.

Cotton Bowl — Mississippi vs. Oklahoma St.- I could honestly care less about this game, as im sure most me feel the same way.

Fiesta Bowl — TCU vs. Boise St.- This is the most intriguing game on the slate. TCU feels it deserves Texas’s spot in the championship game and is going to go out and try to prove that. Boise St. wants to show they are to be taken seriously especially since they were overlooked by the BCS last year. If TCU wins and Texas loses by ten points or more I think you will hear a lot of complaining out of the TCU bunch, and rightfully so.

BCS Championship — Alabama vs. Texas: The first meeting of two undefeated teams in the championship game — this game screams mismatch. Texas doesn’t belong here and they’re gonna get embarrassed. I personally hope Alabama squashes Texas and that way the Fiesta Bowl winner can have an “I told you so” attitude.

I bleed Orange and Blue but I have to admit that Fresno State’s final TD and 2 pt conversion were pretty impressive.



1. Kansas: Who is the Jayhawks best offensive player? Freshman Xavier Henry who averages 26.5 points. It’s always scary when someone’s best offensive weapon is a freshman, he’s not the star player but if you shut him down you only open up the star players.

2. Texas: Looks like senior Dexter Pittman’s decision to not go pro is paying off, he leads the nation in field goal percentage and looks like a maniac out there. Seriously, this man is capable of being unstoppable.

3. Purdue: They’ve knocked off a Tennessee team that had all its returning starters, and just demolished all their other opponents.

4. Florida: Coming into the season the Gators where on no ones radar but after wins of Rutgers, FSU, and most importantly Michigan State they have shown they need to be taken seriously this season.

5. Syracuse: Circle December 10th, which will be tonight for most of you reading this, Syracuse travels to the Gators and one of these teams will lose their perfect record.

I think the thing I love most about college basketball is the unpredictability. Sure there are upsets or close games in football but it just seems like it happens more in basketball. Two years ago a buddy got some tickets to an Illini game and it was middle of winter and no one else wanted to go since it was expected to be a blow-out (it was a rebuilding year) so I said I’d go. What was expected to be a halftime exit turned into a double overtime thriller that saw the Illini lose by a few. Another good example is last week’s Clemson game. Right after half the Illini were down by 23 points and come back to win it. The unpredictability is what makes this sport great.



This weekend will see UFC 107 and one of the best cards of the year. The undercards has fights that could be headliners in and of themselves.

The title fight will see Lightweight Champion BJ Penn defend his belt against Diego Sanchez. I love this fight. BJ Penn is possibly the best Brazilian Jiu Jitsu artist in the UFC; he has torn apart the top of his division for some time now and looks unbeatable. He has what it takes to go into the late rounds and can take the punishment that is required. On the other side is Diego Sanchez and this man is a nightmare. He doesn’t dance around and feel the opponent out, he brings the pain from the first bell to the last. His cardio is unmatched in the ring. This man is just relentless and does not stop. He has run through the best in the division and has only ever lost two times, but has won 23. He has gone all three rounds multitudes of times which leads me to believe that he has what it takes to go into the late rounds. I believe he is either going to get taken down and out very quickly or he will drag this to a decision win.

Frank Mir vs. Cheick Kongo will pit the best technical heavyweight against one of the heaviest hitters in the division. Mir is determined to get his rubber match against Lesner, and Kongo stands in his way. Kongo wants to throw his name into the title contenders hat.

Clay Guida vs. Kenny Florian. Both men have been on the short end of the stick in bouts against the two guys in the main event. Penn for Florian and Sanchez for Guida. Both men want to get back into the title picture and a win would put them right back up there. My vote for fight of the night.

A few notes on the Utimate Fighter 10 Finale from this last Saturday:

  • I think Matt Hamill was about ten seconds away from being beat anyway. The illegal elbow is what busted/broke his nose but had Jones not thrown that the ref would have had no choice but to stop it. Hamill’s shoulder was still dislocated and was mounting no offense against Bone’s unrelenting attack. In about 2.5 minutes Bone dismantled one of UFC’s most loved stories and made his presence known.
  • The Kimbo Slice/ Alexander Houston fight seemed like a letdown to me. I expected both men to come out swinging. What I got was a round of Houston circling Slice, a round of Slice kicking the shit out of Alexander, and a round of both men being visibly tired. I lost count of how many times the ref had to encourage the guys to some action. In the round that was worth watching Slice showed huge improvement on the ground and surprised a lot of people. The problem is that Kimbo is too old to make a huge career out of this and his size will prevent him from being a serious threat to the title.
  • At fight night Dana White also announced the couches for Ultimate Fighter 11, Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell. Talk about lackluster.

Strikeforce signs Dan Henderson

After months of frustration with the UFC over being overlooked for a title shot after his win over Michael Bisping. He was also hoping for a bump in salary that Dana white responds as being funny. Dana feels Dan is not a huge draw for the UFC and his age is becoming a factor. Strikeforce needs big names and they feel Dan can offer them that.

I know I will watch Strikeforce if Dan is fighting on it. He is old school and come by way of Pride Fighting out of Japan and was the first ever double champion (Light Heavyweight and heavyweight). He lost two Unification fights after UFC’s acquisition of Pride but won the next three and the last won by knocking out a top five fighter in Bisping. It’s not been announced which division he will fight in but its expected his first fight will be for a title.



It has been announced that pending the dotting of the I’s Manny Pacquio will face Floyd Mayweather on March 13. I cannot express how excited I am by this.



  • Why is ESPN showing Baseball Tonight right now?
  • Danica Patrick to Nascar? Still won’t watch.
  • I want to know why Rugby is not popular in America. It really ticks me off. I love that game. The guys that play that game are as tougher than any football player and on par with any MMA fighter or boxer there is.
  • It’s time for the Rams to get a new QB.
  • I think the Broncos need to give Orton another year and not go after a QB in the draft.
  • Why are they still showing baseball on ESPN?
  • I just recently beat Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. My verdict? Way too short but still amazing. Anyone else think that parts of that game were stolen from the movie The Rock? The castle shower shootout and the flares on top of the White House part.
  • I really wonder if fans at golf events would actually boo Tiger when he plays? I hope so.



14-8-2 NCAA Football

18-18 Pro

7-2 MMA

Alright, I really bit the big one on my pro picks but I promise to do a lot better this week. On the other side I rocked out in the college once again. Who picked the Alabama win? This guy did.

Packers (-3) over BEARS: The Pack have something to play for, the Bears don’t.

Chargers (+3) over COWBOYS: The Chargers are streaking right now and the Cowboys are historically horrendous in December.

PATRIOTS and Panthers under 46: It’s ice cold and it’s supposed to snow, run game will be in full effect. Expect a lower scoring game.

Steelers (-10) over BROWNS: The Steelers have lost four in a row and are in desperation mode. They’re going to give everything they have to the 1-11 Browns.

Steelers and BROWNS over 34 points: They’re going to take out some frustrations on the Browns and run up the score if possible.

JAGUARS (-3) over Dolphins: A win would give them a shot at the playoffs.

And your upset special….

Broncos (+7) over Colts: I don’t just believe that the Broncos will cover the spread, I think they may actually win this game. Plus the Broncos are 7-1 against the spread (ATS) in last 8 games after a win and 7-1 ATS in their last 8 games after covering the spread in their previous game. Plus the Colts are 1-4 ATS in their last 5 home games against a team that has a winning record on the road.


BJ PENN over Diego Sanchez: I think Diego may have what it takes to win this but I have thought that about every Penn challenger so I am going to favor on the side of history here.

Mir over Kongo: Frank Mir wants nothing more than to get a rubber match with Lesner, and will take down anyone in his way.

Kenny Florian over Clay Guida: I like both of these guys but Florian is just too technical for Guida.

Jon Fitch over Mike Pierce: This is Jon’s first fight back after some time from injury and he is gonna come back in style.

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