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Urbana Acupuncture: A different way to relax

Upon entering Urbana Acupuncture for the first time, I am warmly greeted by owner Jim Lorr. He hands me an info sheet about the business which states:

“At Urbana Acupuncture, we provide comfortable, affordable, and effective care in an inclusive and sustainable community space.”

Since I came into this not knowing a whole lot about acupuncture, I was very curious about the entire practice and had many questions for Lorr, who was perfectly happy to share.

Although it might sound contradictory, acupuncture helps stimulate rest and relaxation. It works as a process, and frequent treatment is the key to great results. Urbana Acupuncture, located in the Lincoln Square Mall, focuses on community acupuncture, which is practiced in a living room setting complete with recliners and lamps (see below).

This comfortable atmosphere provides both solitude—as each individual has their own space and chair to relax in—and also the comfort of others around them. As explained in their informational brochure, treating patients in a community setting has several benefits. First, it’s easy for friends and family to come in for a treatment together; also, many find the company of others comforting; finally, resting together as a community can be a powerful healing experience.”

Like many local businesses, Urbana Acupuncture focuses on our community. Lorr tells me that he values a strong local community and makes it a priority for the space to be open to everyone. Although some workers are paid, others are volunteers. Lorr believes that, by putting the community first, good things will come to the business, which has both paid and voluteer staff.

Put community first, and good things will come. That’s an overall great motto for both acupuncture practice and life in general.


If you’re interested in more information on Urbana Acupuncture, including pricing, make sure to check out their website.

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