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Weekender: April 17-19

Well Smile Politely readers, times are strange. Ordinarily, we’d be using this space to encourage you to get out and enjoy all the C-U has to offer. That has become a difficult task. It’s important to maintain some sort of routine, some sort of normalcy in an abnormal situation, so we are going to continue publishing The Weekender. It’ll look different. We will have to put our collective creativity to the test, but hopefully it will be a weekly reminder of ways that you can make the best of these times, and stay connected with this amazing community we call home.

— The Editors

Photo from Cafe Kopi’s Facebook page. 

Get a box lunch, Cafe Kopi, Friday and Saturday 7 a.m. to 2 p.m., $9.95

Cafe Kopi has re-opened, and they added box lunches to the menu. Choose from turkey and brie, Kopi club, very veggie, ham and Swiss, and turkey-pesto sandwiches. All box lunches come with kettle chips, a choice of cookie or brownie, and a can of pop or bottle of water. I might start my weekend with a Cafe Kopi’s box lunch and a latte. Time is meaningless, so a club sandwich at 8 a.m. sounds perfectly delicious. (AB)

Bring some plants into your life, Plant Mode, any day between 12 an 6 p.m., prices vary

After closing for a few weeks, Plant Mode is back in action, ready to provide you with some plants to brighten your space. Place your order through Facebook, Instagram, email, or text, then you can arrange for curbside pickup. Normally I am not much of a plant person, simply because I am terrible at taking care of them. However, staying at home could inspire me to turn over a new leaf. Okay that was terrible. I knew it as I was writing it. But it’s staying. (JM)
A triangular slice of tres leches cake sits in a plastic clamshell takeout container. The cake is white with layers of other white and bits of red strawberries. Photo by Jessica Hammie.

Photo by Jessica Hammie.

Treat yourself to some cake, Rick’s Bakery, Friday and Saturday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., prices vary

Pick out one of the many delicious cake offerings from Rick’s Bakery. You can choose from strawberry shortcake, tiramisu cake, tres leches, chocolate ganache, and more. Did you shower today? Did you put on pants? Did you put on pajama pants? Well done. You deserve some cake. (AB)

Livestream jazz pianist Sam Gingher on Facebook, your house, Friday 6 to 7 p.m., free

Start your virtual weekend off with a virtual jazz happy hour courtesy of the Community Center for the Arts.  This performance will feature a variety of jazz standards and original compositions by pianist Sam Gingher. Fix a cocktail, e-vite some friends, and enjoy. (DD)

Image: Photo of one section of 40 North's 2020 The Eric Show at the Illini Union. Photo from Illini Union Facebook page

Photo from Illini Union Facebook page.

Check out The Eric Show online, your house, anytime, free

The Eric Show is an annual event that not only showcases the work of local high school artists, it also honors the life of the young artist for whom it is named. And though it was unable to open at the Illini Union due to COVID-19, the amazing spirit of this show would not be kept down. So, this weekend, take some time to enjoy it online. Congratulations to all the students who participated. Thank you for giving us something beautiful and inspiring when we need it most. (DD)

Screenshot from Prairie Fruits Farm Instagram stories. A baby goat looks into the camera. It appears to be smiling. White text on the screen reads

Screenshot from Prairie Fruits Farm Instagram stories.

Follow PFF on Instagram, your house, all weekend, free

Thank the universe for this Instagram feed. Prairie Fruits Farm has the single best IG Story game right now: it’s full of baby goats frolicking, kicking, and looking cute AF. A generous thank you to whoever is running it. You’re bringing me so much joy. (JH)

Talk about shopping, your house, Saturday from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m., free

Join Laura Bleill (Chambanamoms), Terri Reifsteck (Visit Champaign County), and Carly McCrory (You’re Welcome CU) for Shop Around Chambana, an online chat about supporting local retailers during this stay at home order. They’ve invited guests from Champaign Center Partnership and Urbana Business Association. It’s an opportunity to find out more about how to still frequent your favorite stores in a safe way. (JM)

Sew a mask, your house, all weekend, free

The Champaign-Urbana Public Health District is asking people with sewing skills to sew cloth masks. We shared it in a SPlog earlier this week; click through for the sewing pattern and how to donate. (JH)

A detail of Wayne Theibaud’s Supine Woman, 1963. A white woman lies face up on a white background. She wears a white dress with orange and blue highlights and shadows. The painting is on view at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. Photo by Jessica Hammie.

Wayne Theibaud, Supine Woman (detail), 1963. Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, Bentonville, Arkansas, 2009.17. Photo by Jessica Hammie.

Do nothing, your house or yard, all weekend, free

I have fully rejected the productivity pressure, and have only been going above and beyond the bare minimum of my existence when I feel like it. Sometimes it’s easier to hear from others that you can do nothing, so consider this a form of permission. Don’t do anything this weekend. Stay in bed. Get food delivered instead of cooking. Don’t brush your teeth. Stare into the middle distance for hours, or sleep. Ah, look what I’ve done. I’ve given you “do nothing” tasks. Forgive me. Do whatever you feel like, or don’t. (JH) View the entire painting here.

Top photo from Plant Mode Facebook page. 

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