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Year of the Park, A to Z: Video Feature; Sunnycrest Tot Lot, Urbana

As Year of the Park continues, we will be documenting every park in Champaign, Urbana, and Savoy, Champaign County Forest Preserves, along with other odds and ends between July 2020 and more like August or September 2021. You can see what has been covered thus far by clicking here. If you have suggestions or ideas or feedback, feel free to contact us at [email protected].


Sunnycrest Tot Lot 


505 Sunnycrest Ct., Urbana


Back in 1958, when the Sunnycrest Tot Lot was established, a family could still get milk delivered by horse and carriage. You needed a new suit to celebrate your boss’ retirement? You went to the men’s department at the local clothing store, and took it straight to the tailor, who was just a block away. The world was deeply segregated, and radically inequitable, but these were halcyon days for the white population of the growing American landscape. 

The Sunnycrest Tot Lot sort of brings you back into that place, I think. Of course, I wasn’t alive then, and grateful for that, but still… I think you know what I mean. 

a wooden sign that states Urbana Park District Sunnycrest

Photo by Tim Bailey. 


This little mini park is mini for a reason. It’s literally for toddlers, hence the name. And no parent or guardian of a little should miss the chance to bring them here, if only to establish that sort of idyllic memory that will last a lifetime.

Photo by Tim Bailey.

It’s got a funky old playground, and some climbing structures, and a place for a picnic, and that is that, and that is all it needs.

Top image by Tim Bailey.

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