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Coming Soon: The Brunch Hunt

Ever yearn for a pancake house neither “international” nor “original”? Or some more interesting egg combination than you can get at Merry Ann’s? With 2009 brings a new column series here at Smile Politely dedicated to the celebration of some favorite Champaign-Urbana brunch spots of new and old.

Brunch means different things to different people: biscuits and gravy, Bloody Marys and mimosas, skillets, even buffets, depending on who you ask. In this new series, I will evaluate the diverse brunching options around town by various factors. Culminating with a personal decision-making chart geared toward intelligently weighing the options, I’ll take a broad view here, aiming to get you out of your more familiar spots.

This isn’t the first or only food column dedicated to this sort of thing. Champaign Taste has done an admirable job in the first three weeks of her series. But the feeling here is that this is the nature of the beast when it comes to online media; it can be improved upon through a multitude of perspectives and through recommendations and audience participation. With a newly remodeled website launching in 2009, we’re eager to know: What’s your favorite spot for brunch? Which place has the best omelets? Still in search of that perfect coffee drink? Let us know what you like and what you’re looking for so we can make this column work for you in 2009.

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