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Flora and Tom deliver sweet treats as F & T Desserts

A lemon raspberry cupcake centered on a small white plate.
Lemon raspberry cupcake by F&T Desserts; Photo by Matthew Macomber

As someone who loves sweets, Urbana’s Market at the Square is one of my favorite places around. There are so many different vendors each week, and those bakers constantly experiment with new recipes and twists on old favorites. Dessert pop-up shop F & T Desserts has served goodies at various markets (including Urbana) around the area for over a year. Recently, they expanded their menu options, prompting my visit.

Co-owner Flora of F & T Desserts standing in a pink polka-dot dress behind a pink table in a pink tent.
Matthew Macomber

Walking up to their pretty-in-pink booth at Urbana’s Market at the Square, I bought a little bit of everything. I thought I might as well take advantage of a well-stocked market booth! Though I didn’t take advantage of it that day, F & T Desserts often has special deals, such as “Buy four, get $1 off.”

A peanut butter blast cookie bar taking up most of a small white plate.
Peanut butter blast cookie bar by F&T Desserts; Photo by Matthew Macomber

As I love cookie bars in all forms, my partner and I tried the peanut butter blast cookie bar ($2.75) first. Wonderfully soft, we enjoyed the ample number of peanut butter and semi-sweet chocolate chips. The Butterfinger shavings gave a great crunch that contrasted nicely with the chewiness of the cookie bar, too. We savored every bite and very much wanted to try more from F & T Desserts!

A lemon raspberry cupcake centered on a small white plate.
Lemon raspberry cupcake by F&T Desserts; Photo by Matthew Macomber

Digging deeper, we then treated ourselves to a lemon raspberry cupcake ($4). The lemon zest chunks in the cake lent a refreshing tartness to the cake itself. Paired with the rich raspberry Swiss meringue buttercream frosting, we demolished this cupcake in short order. Both of us are picky when it comes to cupcakes, so the fact we both enjoyed this was impressive.

A cupcake-sized strawberry cheesecake on a small square black plate.
Strawberry cheesecake by F&T Desserts; Photo by Matthew Macomber

For a dessert in miniature, we took a spoon to a strawberry cheesecake ($4). I especially loved the buttery and crunchy graham cracker crust at the bottom of the cheesecake while my partner enjoyed the strawberry sauce and juicy strawberry itself. Though she isn’t big into cheesecake, this won her over! The strawberry sauce was her favorite (she wanted more) while I couldn’t get enough of that crust. I saw some other cheesecakes at F & T Desserts were made with Oreo crust, so I want to try that variety someday to compare.

A chai caramel liège waffle (unheated) on a clear, square glass plate.
Chai caramel liège waffle by F&T Desserts; Photo by Matthew Macomber

Finally, we enjoyed a chai caramel liège waffle ($4). Sampled both hot and cold, we quite enjoyed this decedent sweet, though we both agreed having it warm was the best option. The caramel soaked right into the waffle, permeating every bite. The heavy cream and the lightly spiced caramel added some complexity and depth to every bite. Certainly a way to treat oneself!

A featured flavors board showing a blueberry cupcake, cappuccino cheesecake and chai caramel liège waffle.
Matthew Macomber

Feeling that I’d satisfied our sweet tooths for now, we stopped there. Overall, I most enjoyed the cookie bar, cheesecake, waffle, and cupcake (in that order).

F & T Desserts rotates through their wonderful menu and loves to try out new recipes. Try to catch the sweet treat at Urbana’s Market at the Square on Saturdays 7 a.m. to noon or at any of their events. I know I’ll be stopping by every Saturday if I can help it!

A tall menu with movable images of desserts, showing prices, deals of the day and which items are sold out.
Matthew Macomber

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