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RegCakes is the place for gluten-free goodies

RegCakes’ recent arrival in Lincoln Square Mall has been a boon for C-U’s gluten-free consumers. But as someone who does not suffer from gluten intolerance or celiac disease, I’m here to tell you that RegCakes’ delightful confections will satisfy any dessert lover’s cravings. Creating high quality and satisfying gluten-free baked goods is no easy feat. Many products are dry, overly sweet, and filled with a frighteningly long list of ingredients, but RegCakes expertly avoids these pitfalls by focusing on homegrown ingredients and mad cake decorating skills.

Beginning in 2015, RegCakes, named after baker Regina, started producing 100% gluten-free cakes using organic ingredients from the family garden her husband manages. After years of selling out of their home bakery, RegCakes opened its Urbana location in 2021, and ever since, their customer base and their menu offerings continue to grow. 

Before I made my first visit, I had assumed that RegCakes only served the kind of Instagram-worthy cakes that were purchased for special occasions — which my family pod of two had little occasion for during the pandemic. I was happily proven wrong. RegCakes offers a variety of sweet treats in individual servings as well as a growing number of savory products (e.g. breads, pretzels, pizza crusts) which I will save for a later review. 

Photo by Debra Domal.

For me, there is no wrong time for something sweet. My first purchase was an apple cider donut. While I typically avoid icing for fear that it will be too sweet, RegCakes won me over with this combination. The cake was moist with a satisfying texture. Moreover, the flavor was true. I was amazed by the natural apple cider flavor. The apple cider was perfectly complimented by the delicous icing which was happily not too sweet. I wish I could start every day with this well-balanced flavor profile. While RegCakes also serves chocolate, pumpkin spice, and original spice donuts, the apple cider will be hard to beat.

Photo by Debra Domal.

Several days later, I came back for more. My gluten-free friends have been raving about the cinammon rolls, a yeasty treat that g-f folks rarely have access to. Both my friend and the folks at RegCakes suggested it should be served warm. They were right. The roll to icing ratio was spot on, and the texture of the roll was surprisingly light. It was delicious with coffee. I would definitely order it again; although for me, it ranked second to the apple cider donut for flavor profile.

Photo by Debra Domal.

RegCakes’ cupcakes are great way to explore the range of available cake and frosting options. As with their other individual sized treats, the cupcakes are smaller than many giant sized offerings in the non g-f world. While this may not be a popular opinion in the Midwest where bigger is better, I found the portion size perfect. They were big enough to satisfy but won’t tempt painful overindulgence. For this review, I purchased three different cupcakes to share with my spouse after dinner. (Yes, I do have some self-control.) Their moist and satisfying crumb is the result of adding homegrown sweet potato to the mix. A wonderous act of alchemy in my humble opinion.

Photo by Debra Domal.

The cupcakes were as gorgeous as they were delicious: full of color and sparkle and texture. The Andes Mint was very satisfying with a perfect balance of chocolate and mint, and like so many of RegCakes’ goodies, not cloyingly sweet. My spouse and I both expected the quadruple chocolate to be our favorite, and while it nailed that rich dark chocolate flavor pairing well with a range of textured toppings, we were bowled over by the lemon. 

Photo by Debra Domal.

Lemon flavored cakes can rely too heavily on sugar, but this flavor profile was perfect. The generously applied frosting was light and, like the cake itself, filled with the natural lemon goodness that can only come from using the freshest fruit. This cupcake was particularly enjoyable after an evening meal. 

Another great thing about RegCake’s products is that many of them are available gluten-free and dairy-free. Because of the individually sized options (cookies, too), you can meet the specific dietary needs of all of your friends and family. 

Stay tuned to RegCakes Facebook and Instagram for menu updates.

Reg Cakes
Lincoln Square Mall
300 S Broadway Ave
T+W 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Th 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. + 4 to 6 p.m.
F 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Sa 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Top photo by Debra Domal

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