Seventy-six-year-old Mrs. Emma G. of Hoopeston, IL didn’t think much of her morning routine of preparing her two scrambled eggs, two pieces of toast and a glass of orange juice. It wasn’t until she was about to take out her toast that she took a closer look and noticed that there was an image of a man in her toast!

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I’ll be damned!

“I was sitting there watching tv, waiting for my toast to be done when all of a sudden it popped up and I saw a man’s face in my toast. I was so surprised, the only thing I could say was, ‘I’ll be damned,’” Emma quips.

At first, Emma thought the image was of Jesus Christ, but then noticed that the likeness was not exact.

“To tell ya the truth, the image looked like a young boy with thick glasses—like the one on the cover of my granddaughter’s records,” Emma says.

lady_toast2.jpgWhen she compared her granddaughter’s album to the miracle toast, the image was an exact match of local musician Ryan Groff, of the band Elsinore. She put the toast in a plastic bag and took it to the University of Illinois.

Officials at the University have observed the breakfast treat, but refuse to have any say in whether the holy toast image is actually Groff.

As for now, Emma plans to continue eating her breakfast and hopes to find the reason why Groff’s “likeness” has appeared in her morning meal.

“I was really hoping it’d be Jesus, but God has a reason for everything and I believe this is a good sign of things to come.”

Groff has declined to comment on the matter.