With work, family and stocking up on Five Hour Energy Drinks for finals week, who has the time to find out about the best shows happening in Champaign-Urbana? No need to fear, because the editors here at Smile Politely have taken care of it. Here are the must-see shows of the week:

Wednesday December 17: Yossarian, Jared Bartman, Megan Johns — Canopy Club, 8 p.m., $5

A relatively new band to the area, Yossarian, will be making its first headlining appearance at Canopy Club this Wednesday. Also performing is Peoria’s Jared Bartman. Bartman’s unique songs are filled with rich electronic textures and are melodically comparable to Elliot Smith’s most Beatle-esque work. To hear more about Bartman and his debut EP, I Refute Technology, check back later this week for a full review. Local singer/songwriter Megan Johns will also perform.

Thursday December 18: Lollipop Factory, Terminus Victor — Mike ‘N Molly’s, 9 p.m., cover tba

It’s Mike ‘N Molly’s 10th anniversary and a celebration is in order. Headlining the big night is Columbus, Ohio’s Lollipop Factory. The duo sounds like an army with their freaky Andrew W.K.-meets-psychedelia brand of rock ‘n’ roll. Bringing the rock beforehand is C-U’s own Terminus Victor.

Friday December 19: This Must Be The Band (Talking Heads Tribute Band) — Canopy Club, 9 p.m., $8

There isn’t a better way to start the weekend than having a guy who looks like David Byrne play you a tape.

See This Must Be The Band recreate the famous film Stop Making Sense in all its big-suited glory.

Ed. Note: This Must Be The Band is being postponed until Feb. 7, 2009.