It’s so rare that I fall in love with new music anymore.

My job demands an ear that is more or less discriminating to the point of alienation; most artists are just a blob of sound that ends up forgotten before I can even give it a chance to be appreciated. It’s a horrible side-effect to being employed in the “industry.”

So, it was with great delight that I gave the (relatively) new single by M83 a listen for more than 20 seconds last week. The song “Kim & Jessie” has been playing in my office and car on a virtual repeat since last Thursday, and for good reason: it hits on all the best parts of my favorite bands from the 80’s — Tears For Fears, INXS, XTC and the like.

And while Smile Politely’s Zack Adcock isn’t the biggest fan of M83’s recent “pop music song structures,” he was still able to see it for what it is: some of the best “pop” music being made today.

Listen to the radio edit of “Kim & Jessie” here: