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Champaign-Urbana Music Scene Plagued by ‘Outsourced’ Writers

Champaign, IL – The subject of international offshore outsourcing has been widely debated by marketing experts. The idea of sending local work to cheap labor in developing countries such as Mexico, India and Malaysia is being argued as a fast way to save time, money and resources to further advance corporate companies. A new idea that has taken popularity is importing local music from these developing countries.

Popular local bands such as elsinore, Shipwreck and Darling Disarm have admitted to using such tactics of outsourcing to help them write more music for their live performances and recordings.

Elsinore frontman Ryan Groff stated, “Outsourcing is not a religion. […] It is a clue if everyone else does it that it should be something which you should consider.” Groff’s solo album recorded this year received much criticism due to having seven of the eight tracks written by an Indian sweatshop.

Other local musicians have remained silent on the issue.

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