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Civil Rights Supporter Applauds Local Music Video

This week, Rev. Jesse Jackson spoke to reporters off-camera about local indie pop band, Headlights and their impact on music culture. Rev. Jackson made most mention about the video for their newest single “Cherry Tulips.” The new black and white, vintage-style video features local radio DJ Todd Hunter and local musician Mike Ingram dressing in “blackface” style make-up as they dance with the band performing behind them.

“This is truly something excellent,” Rev. Jackson said, “I think their music speaks to all people.”

Other public figures have not been so accepting of the new video. Many artists such as Trick Daddy and Yung Buck have come out in opposition of the single. Rap singer Trick Daddy, whose album, Born a Thug Die a Thug comes out this summer has stated the following on his homepage:

“[This music video] ain’t done sh*t to promote black awareness…for real though, it just further stereotypes the black race all around. F*ck Jesse Jackson!”

A spokesman for Headlights has released the following statement:

“We did not intend our video to be offensive towards blacks, nor did we want it to be defensive of blacks either. We believe in equal rights for all and special privileges for none.”

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