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Covering The Great Cover-Up: Night #2

[Ed. note: Special thanks to our writers, photographer, and videographers who are going above and beyond while “covering the Cover-Up” this year, turning over their articles, (analog!) photography and video very quickly in the wee hours of the morning in order to deliver the quickest and most thorough coverage of the event for our readers.]

The Great Cover-Up: traditionally a bonus week for local wig shops. This year was the first that I honestly didn’t know who was doing who – it was all in the first note.

(Crang-crang-crang-crang chang-chang-chang-chang…) Monster Honkey kicked things off as Deftones, and I, for one, (among a quality-not-quantity crowd) was delighted. Despite singer Wilson Hensleigh being about a foot taller than Chico Moreno, the likeness was uncanny, and drummer Mike Walker did a great job on the Abe Cunningham grooves.


(Jangle-jangle-pop, jangle-jangle pop…) Much shrugging of shoulders in my immediate vicinity accompanied the start of the New Ruins set. They were Creedence Clearwater Revival. Good set, killer rhythm section.


(Strum-strum-strum-strum, cue whiny vox…) It was The Chemicals as Velvet Underground. Again, it seemed not too many people were sure who they were, but the crowd, filled out by now, dug their set of lesser-known tunes. Nice.


(Craw craw craw craw, doo-bap doo-bap doo-bap doo-bap kakakaka…) Terminus Victor as Elliott Smith. Very nice. These gents could play the Safe Auto commercial tune and I’d be happy. As it happened, rocked-up versions of Smith’s songs were just what The Highdive needed.






(Gra, gra, gra, gra…) Next, Tractor Kings as Belleville’s Uncle Tupelo. Not bad at all.


Next, (doo-bap, do do do doo-bap…) The Beauty Shop gone all Motowny asThe Temptations, as we were treated to spangly backup singers Kate Hathaway and SP’s own Lindsey Markel. Glorious.


Shipwreck were The Cars. The crowd loved it. And I was up way later than usual, especially for a Tuesday night.

There’s a reason you can’t spell “The Great Cover-Up” without “great,” and tonight was. See you Thursday.

The 17th Annual Great Cover-Up concludes Thursday night at The Highdive. Cover charge is seven dollars; The Highdive is located at 51 Main St. in downtown Champaign.

Thursday, January 24th
Reds 9:30-9:50pm
Mad Mardigan 10:05-10:25pm
Roberta Sparrow 10:40-11:00pm
jigGsaw 11:15-11:35
Darling Disarm 11:50-12:15am
elsinore 12:30-1:00am

All photographs are courtesy of David Cubberly.

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