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C-U Folk & Roots Fest 2014: A recap in photos

The C-U Folk and Roots festival was quite enjoyable. First, I was happy to see some action in the Historic Lincoln Hotel formerly known as Jumer’s. Second, these types of festivals contribute to the diversity of Champaign-Urbana. Third, the crowd, performers, and staff were all very friendly, smiley, and welcoming which makes for a relaxed environment to enjoy the fourth reason why this was enjoyable: the music. Musicians played fiddles, guitars, banjos, and bass. They sang about a different time period of life.

I also liked that it was spread throughout downtown Urbana so that you could walk to different venues, here different music in a unique atmosphere. Overall, very entertaining.

Below are some photos and video Dennise Ortega and I took of the festival. I hope you enjoy them.

See more photos in the gallery below.

[gallery folk_and_root_festival_2014]

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