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Error House Shut Down; Plans to Reopen in the Works

Last week, when I heard that Error House had been shut down, my heart sank. Such a wonderful and safe all ages venue, run by selfless musicians, helping fill the void that the Red Herring, Channing Murray, and many other venues and houses once filled — gone in a flash.

Scrambling to relocate their shows, they managed to put together some last minute arrangements with the boys of So Long Forgotten to move their tour-kickoff show to The Green Wolf, a farm house on the western outskirts of Champaign.

More videos after the jump.

The event consisted of 7 acoustic acts, utilized no microphones whatsoever and took place in a garage. What really made this show special, though, was the connection between the audience and the musicians. Singing along was heavily encouraged (as might be noticeable in some of the videos), and many performers conversed with the audience as if they were all old friends. This show was definitely a highlight of my summer.

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