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Get to know hardcore group Death Call

If you’ve been paying attention to the C-U hardcore scene, you’ve certainly heard Death Call. The band has played shows around the area, most recently at the Brass Rail alongside some other great hardcore groups. They’re also set to play Rail Fest in December. Despite being a fairly new group, they’re making their mark on the scene with their heavy sound and dark lyrics. 

“Death Call is a newer project that combines elements of punk, hardcore, and metal” says the band. “We formed in May 2021. Greg and Andrew have known each other since 2005 from local shows and playing in various bands including We Must Dismantle All This!, Alleyway Sex, Dizzy Chair Time, and Teenage Martians.”

Photo provided by Death Call.

You can feel the band’s chemistry through the music. They play fast and tight, loud and emotive, while bringing a truly intriguing dark and brooding sound with lyrics facing heavier topics. “Our song topics cover death, anxiety, depression, and mental health struggles. Greg writes the riffs and lyrics. Andrew writes the drums and records our music.” With a name like Death Call, you get a pretty clear idea of what you are in for. “Our drummer is a mortician and occasionally has to field death calls after work hours during band practice” says the group on the name of the band. 

Photo provided by Death Call.

Death Call currently has two singles out on Bandcamp — “Destined for the Void” as well as “Death Chimes,” my favorite of the two. “We are currently in the process of recording a seven-song E.P. entitled “Why Endure?” We will release it on all streaming platforms as well as physical cassettes and CDs” so be on the lookout for those coming soon. Despite not having any physical releases out at the moment, the band is still very active in putting out physical goods. If you follow them on Instagram, they’re often printing some sick stickers and buttons. They also often post videos of them rehearsing. It’s apparent that the group is dedicated to their music. 


“Manic depressive episode” is how Death Call describes themselves in three words. If that sounds like your cup of tea, I highly recommend checking the band out. You can catch them live at Rail Fest on December 4th, and you can check out their singles on Bandcamp. I asked the band if they’re enjoying any local acts, and they mentioned “Edna, Power of Dusk, JUG, Yap Trap, and Airacobra” to name a few — some of whom are playing at Rail Fest as well. All the more reason to attend and hear some great punk and hardcore.

Death Call’s music is available on Bandcamp, Spotify, and Youtube. You can follow them on Instagram here.

Top photo provided by Death Call. 

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