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Good show, bad crowd: Hopsin plays Canopy Club

My night on Saturday started out much like thousands of others around Illinois, huddled around a television cheering on the Cubs as they made their way to the World Series for the first time in 71 years. I left my truck after hearing the final out made on the radio and arrived at the Hopsin show at Canopy Club to the cheers and smiling faces of fellow Cubs fans. I was geared up to end my evening with just as much excitement watching one of my favorite rappers perform at our local venue but my experience that evening left much to be desired.

I’ve covered a great many hip-hop shows in the area, from small local acts to well established artists and I’ve never been to a show quite like this. Firstly, the audience just didn’t fit. The crowd was majorly lacking in diversity and it felt more like I was at an alternative show than that of a hard hitting LA rapper. Not only that, but at it’s peak, the lower level of the club was at most half full and the upstairs section was not even open. For an artist whose music videos get millions of views I expected a packed house but I decided to be optimistic and look forward to the intimate show we were about to enjoy.

Now don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy it, it was’t a bad show. Hopsin sounded great and performed well, even without his signature white eye contacts, but that’s not the only reason we go to concerts right? We go for the environment, the energy and the chance to sing along to our favorite songs at the top of our lungs with a group of people that are singing right along with us. Unfortunately, those important parts were missing on Saturday and it became clear throughout the performance that these “fans” were lucky if they knew the lyrics to one song.

The lowest point of the evening came when Hopsin invited three fans to come on stage and perform one of his biggest hits “Sag My Pants.” This in itself was quite a process and took several minutes to find three people in the building that actually knew the lyrics to the verses. Once the three people were selected, the karaoke began, the first two verses were completed without much of a hiccup. The third verse, in line with the strange vibe of the evening, would not go as smoothly as the final crowd sourced singer appeared to pass out on stage as he started the verse but it quickly became apparent as that individual was led off stage that he simply didn’t know the lyrics and needed a distraction. Hopsin seemed as confused as everyone else by the situation but was able to reign the crowd back in with some well deserved mocking.

The show ended around 12:30, much earlier than I had expected and seen on the set list but I give Hopsin credit for even finishing the show. Throughout the performance he proved himself to be a true performer and gave his all but got little in return. My guess is that it is highly unlikely that Hopsin will return to Canopy Club in the future and quite frankly, who can blame him?

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