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Harmonize, Mesmerize: Notes for the struggling artist

What is it about that band? Ok, stop. Which band(s) are you thinking about when you think awesome? Doesn’t matter who it is, just that you love them. And why do you love them? I’d bet my Radiohead box-set that it’s the same things you love about yourself. Now, I don’t know about any of you but I’m guessing that you’re enough like me that you visualize yourself rocking out from time to time (if you rock out ALL the time, I SALUTE YOU!) in front of an audience. Whether it’s for friends family or a sold out Lolla crowd doesn’t matter. Just as long as you’re heard and appreciated is all that matters.

This is because inside each and every one of us is an artist trying to break out. Some, like Kanye West, broke out so hard that he now has his own energy drink. And cologne (no joke — look it up). If you’re that ambitious, you have no reason to fail, and please, send me a check for my inspirational services. But if you’re not half-robot then you know you don’t need all that stuff. There should be no need for energy drinks, as you will have more than enough energy if you’re aware and attentive throughout the day. Guaranteed. But please. Please. Don’t take it from me.

You see, I’m a struggling artist. At some point in your life, you will be too. Whether you are at this point in your life or not, it is an innate need we are all familiar with: the desire to express one’s self and create. If everyone really actively pursued to fulfill this deep desire, and ventured with enthusiasm and faith toward these hidden yet accessible qualities, we would all come to the same place, the same playground: The arts. Bon Iver and Cannibal Corpse fans, alike, would harmonize with the energy transferring in and out of their minds and Jesus knows what would happen then.

The question you should be asking at this time is this: What more can I do?

A nice painting visually encompasses the mind and engages it in such a way you can spiritually connect with it’s creator. That’s harmony. Acting for the stage, tango dancing, discus…you get it. If this column was the refreshment you needed to re-remember that you are on this Earth to harmonize with it and everything on it, you now have no excuse. Put yourself out there: I want to hear or see what you’ve got:

Coy Wentworth 601 S. Broadway Ave. Urbana, IL 61801

Who knows? I may be the next Nigel Godrich. Thanks in advance for any coupons I might receive instead.

Or, you know, for one reason or another, don’t. Procrastination is what the title suggests. And you can always find a way to postpone what is inevitable to happen…

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