Smile Politely

Krukid + Alcohol + “Friends” = Foolishness!

New Year’s Eve proved to be a little harsh on local MC/rapper Edwin “Krukid” Ruyonga, who indisputably won the title of “Most Inebriated.” Our sources say that good ol’ Eddie, much like his “Barcrawl Anthem,” had only one purpose that night — to get “f*cked up.”

With an entourage of what seemed to be ten or eleven people, Kruk embarked on a tour of local area establishments, never missing an opportunity to have a shot of tequila or two with random fans for the night.

Krukid finally landed himself at a crowded gathering in downtown Champaign in time for the countdown to 2008. Shortly afterwards, he was seen closing his eyes and drifting off to an alcohol-induced dreamland. “Friends” of the rap star took advantage of the opportunity and had their way with…his face.
Our CU Siz! photographer snapped this quick shot of our lushed lyricist.

Ed. Note: This may or may not be the real E. Ruyonga.

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