Smile Politely

New Ruins; Mt. St. Helens Tonight

House parties once ruled the CU music scene. On any given weekend in the late 90’s, there were at least 2-3 shows happening, usually in Urbana, before WUNA decided that rock music was a bad thing for their neighborhood. We can get into a discussion about WUNA another day, but evidently, this phoenix is ready to once again rise from the ashes.

Despite the pervading internet rumor and press that our music scene is on a downturn, we think it quite the opposite. Crowds are not fizzling (they’re up actually, according to venues and promoters), and there are plenty of outlets to turn to when your band wants to start up a career wrought with difficulty, bad endings to relationships and, ultimately, failure.

One piece of solid empirical evidence to support this claim is the fact that the House Party as Venue has been starting to take shape again, and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

Tonight features a bill packed to the gills with talent, starting with Ryan Martin of Oceans and Hotel Ahead. He’ll lead off before Iowa City band Birth Rites performs, followed by Chicago journeymen Mt. St. Helens (who was performing here back when Eric Herboth was King Shit of Indie Mountain) and Hidden Agenda artist New Ruins.

The show is free, but you may be shamed and humiliated for walking through the gates without chipping in to the cause. Pony up and support the scene.

Par-tay at 700 W. Illinois, Urbana at 7 p.m.. Don’t run if the cops come. Just be polite and ask if they know where nearest crime is being committed.

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