Smile Politely

Photo review of Audiofeed’s fifth year in C-U

Even on it’s last day, AudioFeed brought lots of energetic attendees. People of all ages were slamming around in mosh pits, enjoying meals from the multiple food trucks, playing spikeball in the grass, or simply avoiding the humidity by lounging at their campsites.

Werepire Day played in the Radon Lounge a little after 5 pm. The crowd seemed happy to sit and relax, but the band jumped all over the stage to entertain their audience. The trombone added a unique element to their hardcore sound.

After Werepire Day, Headrush played at The Front Porch stage, which rotated through multiple impromptu artists throughout the day. The singer of the band engaged the audience by talking about how the idea of God can be found through the positive actions of people before tearing into their quick, intense songs.

Nothing Left came next on the Black Sheep Stage, a band that had been rescheduled from a previous day. Its five members all dressed in black dominated the entire stage, jumping off the speakers and swinging their guitars while the lead singer encouraged the crowd to form a giant pit.

Towards the end of the day, smaller stage called The Asylum, hosted a three piece band called Until We Have Faces. The band seemed to really enjoy playing together, and flowed seamlessly into each of their songs. The female vocals added a unique aspect to their music, making this my favorite set of the day.

I was able to grab a banh mi sandwich and chips from the Hendrick House food truck, which was delicious!

AudioFeed was well-run and organized, and it’s attendees were some of the nicest and most welcoming people. As someone who used to attend Cornerstone Music Festival, a larger Christian festival that later branched off into AudioFeed, I’d say the organizers of this event did a great job.

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