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Quite the weekend: Bones Jugs N Harmony at Urbana Free Library

On a rainy Sunday afternoon Urbana local band Bones Jugs N Harmony played a show at the Urbana Free Library. A unique band with a wide range of different sounds makes their shows pure entertainment. As stated on their “about me” section of their website, “Bones, jug, xylophone, kazoos, steel pan, resonator guitar, banjo, double bass, drums, all sorts of noise makers. These are just some of the instruments Bones Jugs N Harmony use to conjure up their eclectic acoustic sound.”

Originally started as a side project in December of 2012, the band members quickly realized they could be a whole lot more. Bringing entertainment to kids, adults, and every age in-between their show this past Sunday was the perfect way to brighten up a dreary day.

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