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reds Tonight at WEFT Sessions

John Isberg likes to wear a couple of different hats. It’s just part of his style.

After performing with The Blackouts The Living Blue for a couple of months, Isberg paired up with The Firebird Band in 2001 where he joined Chris Broach for a series of high intensity releases and tours in the post-Braid era.

Now that those years are said and done, it seems like Isberg has decided to shift focus for good, and we couldn’t be happier about it. Both of his electronica projects have delivered: The International Theatre of War, as well as reds, are both packed to the gills with Depeche Mode-inspired tunes that run the gamut from totally depressed to completely uplifting.

You can hear him perform tonight with bandmate Eriq Heaton by tuning into 90.1 FM, on WEFT Sessions at 10:00 p.m. Or, if you are downtown and happen to have a sixer in your hand, stop on by the studios at 113 N. Market St. There is no cover charge, and host T.J. Hunter will be a happy to crack open a Schlitz with you if you can tell him the name of the first song on the first Nada Surf record.

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