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Reunions abound at The Accord

Saturday’s show at The Accord was bittersweet. ZXO and Greenwood returned to the local scene but unfortunately it was the final bow for local musical gurus So Long Forgotten. This spectacular show marks marks the end of a 13 year epoch for So Long Forgotten and they went out on a note that, ironically, won’t be soon forgotten.

The night was electric with anticipation as people crowded into the Accord. The packed room was ready to be bombasted with music that touched the souls of so many local fans. For many these were the bands that they had grown up with, and after speaking personally with the members of ZXO, a band relatively new to the Champaign music community, it became clear how much this informed their own musical development and growth. 

Ryan Brewer of ZXO

ZXO opened the night with their own brand of cosmic molasses in a set reminiscent of the days gone by that Greenwood and So Long Forgotten have known so well. Both heavy and melodic, ZXO are a four piece unicorn who trampled the crowd with their sonic brilliance. Their songwriting strikes a balance between pulling your hair out by the roots and laying you down by the fire to make sweet, sweet woopie.


Greenwood flew through their set as only they can do. Their style is intricate and technical but lends itself to us common folk with hooks and beats and little nuances that make for an incredible experience. Their seismic brand of subtlety is one that resonates with the fans of the CU scene. After a multi-year hiatus, the crowd was ready to be crushed again and Greenwood spectacularly delivered on that expectation.

So Long Forgotten

In the final cap of what truly was an amazing show, So Long Forgotten took the stage and proceeded to absolutely demolish it. I’m honestly surprised that The Accord isn’t currently closed for repairs after the emotional set that the audience received. This band’s hardcore inspired tone made for an incredible visual and aural experience. They truly gave every ance they had and more to the crowd at The Accord and everyone, myself included, soaked it in with vigor.

The amount of love and community at this show should be noted. It’s not always that you see local bands get the reception that marked Saturday’s show but it certainly makes for a wonderful experience. Personally I hope that ZXO and Greenwood continue to grow and show the same inspiration that marked their set. While we’re all sorry to see So Long Forgtotten go this show was an energetic and inspiring experience for many, myself included.

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