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Seven things happening in our music scene right now: July 2018

Summer has arrived, and another month passes with more updates for the local scene for you to check out. Be sure to go here to check out everything I’ve covered thus far — there’s a lot to pay attention to already as we start the second half of 2018.

If you have something that you think would fit into a column like this for the future, email us at [email protected]. I haven’t repeated any artists thus far, so that goes to show you, dear reader, that there’s plenty to look at from this scene at current.

ZECCA BOM is one of C-U’s newest bands

One of the newest projects in Champaign-Urbana is an outfit named ZECCA BOM. Members are as follows:

Robert Sena – MC
Chad Dunn – Surdo and timbau
Jason Finkelman – Congas
Ben Juday – Guitar
Cody Jensen – Keyboard
Gordon Kay – Drums
Charlie Harris – Bass

These members play in a ton of different projects around town (Bones Jugs, Sambolo (well, formerly Sambolo: RIP), Timbalu, and more. They are world music/funk infused jam band, and they’ve been playing a bit around town lately — as recently as last weekend at the Iron Post. They are lined up for PYGMALION 2018 as well.

STAGHORN release a new EP, plus touring in UK this fall

We’ve talked quite a bit about STAGHORN here since they made Urbana their official home over the last year or so. You can read all about what this post-rock/progressive trio from Constantin’s interview, but as I mentioned last week, they’ve released a new record Wormwood III. Stream the nearly 23 minute track below. The band released the record at Audiofeed Festival this past weekend, and they have plans for the fall, which includes a handful of dates in the UK

DEARIE is the new band by Kayla Brown and Carrie Chandler

There’s a new duo that’s been performing around town: Kayla Brown and Carrie Chandler’s project DEARIE. While there isn’t a ton out there in terms of material to listen to, you can check out a clip they posted back in April that teases some music below. They performed recently with Ryan Groff at Cowboy Monkey, though I’d imagine they are cooking up some new material and new songs for the future. Chandler is in the Bashful Youngens, and Kayla Brown performs solo as well as with We The Animals.

Check out NP0, an interesting new hip hop/synth project

Daisianee Minenger is the creator of NP0, which came across my radar via CJ Run. While there isn’t a ton out there for NP0, you can check out a few of their tracks through Soundcloud. The hip-hop/R&B/synth project is pretty cool and worth your time if you’re looking for something new in this field. They’re on PYGMALION this year as well.

PREVALENCE is a new act on Perimeter Road Sound 

Drake Maxson, William Penne, Syd Davis — another trio enters the column here with PREVALENCE (in addition to Staghorn)— a new “angry-indie” rock band as they would call themselves in their Facebook bio. These three hail from this area and released their full length last year with the production help of Elsinore’s Ryan Groff. They’re working on a new EP, which will come out via Perimeter Road Sound (Parkland’s label). You can check them out on August 5th for their upcoming show at Blips and Chitz — a show featuring SNST, which is Chris Broach of Braid’s band.

SLEEPING OKAMI is doing a residency at the Loose Cobra

I mentioned this back before the first installment of SLEEPING OKAMI‘s summer residency at the Loose Cobra took place, but in case you missed that announcement, there are a few other opportunities to see them perform in Tolono before the summer ends. The jazzy-pop outfit has July 22nd and August 19th lined up, so mark your calendar for a good Sunday hang in the near future. Sleeping Okami hasn’t posted a ton of updates about recording or anything like that outside of an update in February about a new record being worked on.

ETERNAL MIRRORS just released their debut EP

There’s a new goth rock band that just recently came to my attention, ETERNAL MIRRORS. They just put out their debut EP, NONENTITY, and you can listen to it below. The sound is post-punk meets new wave in a lot of ways, but you can judge for yourself after checking it out.

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